Official communication will be done over the forum - not in game. Check your Private Messages.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct It is expected all guild members will treat staff and each other with respect and kindness.
All guild members must read and be familiar with any and all rules. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure they are up to date with any and all rule changes.
If you find a guild member's attitude to be provoking, step away from the screen until you can handle the situation in a calm and controlled manner.
If you find a response you are typing could be construed in a manner that could be deemed offensive, retype it.
In the event of drama between yourself and another guild member, please try and resolve things peacefully, and in private.
There will be no tolerance for people trying to spread drama to the rest of the guild. Just don’t.
Should a Tribble ever be found, report it immediately. It means we very likely have an infestation.
The Cake is a lie.


Harassment/Abuse can be defined as follows:

Approaching a person, or being approached by a person, using swearing, racist, or sexual language.
Repeatedly approaching a person after they have indicated they do not wish to interact with you.
Calling out staff or guild members on the forums.
Approaching staff about matters outside of their role in the guild, or within capacity but outside of the hours they have designated for helping with guild activities.

The act of approaching can be defined as contact via guild forums, private message, in-game guild chat directly addressing your toon, or any form of private in-game messaging.

Private messaging through the forums with queries in regards to rules or adoptions are strongly discouraged. If it’s important enough to ask, it belongs in the Q and A forum.

If a situation does occur, inform the appropriate member of staff. For the forums, this would be the moderators. In game, this would be Rusti or Wakamaru.

If the behavior continues after the person has been warned, alert Rusti or Wakamaru, report the person to Blizzard, and place them on ignore.

If you find yourself in a situation where the person is contacting your toon and/or alts in a negative, abusive, or accusatory manner, DO NOT RESPOND. Immediately report them by right-clicking, and selecting language. Place the toon on ignore.

If they attempt to circumvent the ignore function with continuing abusive behavior, continue reporting and ignoring. Be sure to note to Blizzard that this is an ongoing issue.

While this section is assuming primarily abusive behavior, if someone should find themselves the subject of any form of sexual harassment, please report it immediately.

If you feel a staff member to be acting inappropriately, please notify Rusti or Wakamaru first, so that any incidents can be properly investigated.

Hearsay is not sufficient evidence for action, and anyone caught slandering guild or staff members will be dealt with harshly. Please take screenshots of instances of harassment which occur in game!

It is a lot harder for abusive people to circumvent ignore after the account wide changes to ignore, however, while the toon placing the ignore will be unable to be contacted by any toon made by the harassing account, this does not prevent alt toons from being contacted, nor does it prevent harassment from alternative accounts. While it is hoped that this will mean circumventing the ignore is discouraged, anyone finding themselves subject to any such behavior does need to report the incident to Blizzard immediately due to the seriousness of the circumvention.