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How To: Donate Pets

DONATING PETS Thank you for your interest in donating pets to the Azeroth Adoption Agency! If you wish to donate pets we ask that you utilize one of the methods below. Remember that if you need assistance or have questions you can always ask in the Questions and Answers forum. If your query is private, click here to send a Private Message to Wakamaru instead. Method #1: Bank Deposit
  • Members who have joined the guild may quickly and easily drop their pet donations off in our Guild Bank. Tab 7 (named "Donate Here!") has been reserved just for this.
Method #2: Mail (for members)
  • Grab one gold from the guild bank to cover the cost of mailing fees if needed.
  • Please identify the mail as a donation somewhere. This can be done by labeling the subject with Donation or by putting a note in the mail body.
  • Mail donations to Wakamaru on Bladefist.
  • If you'd like to let everyone know that you've donated, you can add your name to our donor thread here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=36
Method #3: Mail (for non-members)
You can donate without joining the community if you would like to.