Official communication will be done over the forum - not in game. Check your Private Messages.

Azeroth Adoption Agency Rules

AZEROTH ADOPTION AGENCY RULES All members agree to the following rules. Remember that if you need assistance or have questions you can always ask in the Questions and Answers forum. If your query is private, click here to send a Private Message to Wakamaru instead. Definitions
  • Azeroth Adoption Agency = A3
  • A3 Community Network = The A3 forum, Discord, Guild, Sister Guild, and all Social Media resources.
Golden Rule #1
Be considerate, helpful, polite, and respectful to others.
Golden Rule #2
You must need an item in order to request it from A3. A3 defines “NEED” as “not already owning”. Item can refer to anything given away in A3 including (but not limited to) battle pets, mounts, toys, codes, and physical items.
Community Rules
  • Pet Trading is not allowed within the A3 community network. If you are interested in pet trading we recommend checking out WarcraftPets.com Pet Trading forum.
  • When participating in a forum post please try to stay on topic. If you have a different topic to discuss, make a new post.
  • Advertising is not allowed in the A3 community network without permission from the site Admin: Wakamaru.
Joining A3
  • A3 uses the Bladefist-H server as our point of contact for sending and receiving items. To join the A3 guild on Bladefist-H please request membership here: Request Membership.
  • Do not whisper members or add BattleTags without permission in order to ask for a guild invite in game.
  • Forum and character names must be family friendly. Names found with issues will be required to be changed.
  • ASCII Characters are not allowed in guild or forum names. Names must contain only regular English letters; no accents or foreign letters, e.g. é, ß, ñ. More info...
  • You may only post adoption requests for pets that are found in each week's adoption tabs.
  • Pet swapping is not allowed.
  • Do not requests pets that you already own, to trade, or to sell.
  • You may not adopt pets or enter giveaways on behalf of family or friends. If they want an item they need to become an A3 member and request it themselves.
  • Donations to A3 are the property of the A3 project and not any one person.
  • Donating does not entitle you to adoptions, giveaways, or prizes.
  • You are only allowed one A3 account.
  • You are only allowed to adopt pets for one WoW account.
  • In the event that your A3 forum or Discord account is removed or banned, you are not allowed to make another one.
  • If you need assistance in participating in the A3 community for any reason please let us know! We have a large team and member base and are happy to help with any needs you may have.