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How To: Adopt Pets

ADOPTING PETS Thank you for your interest in adopting pets from the Azeroth Adoption Agency! Please take a moment to read through the following information BEFORE requesting to adopt any pets. Remember that if you need assistance or have questions you can always ask in the Questions and Answers forum. If your query is private, click here to send a Private Message to Wakamaru instead. Basic Requirements
  • You must be a member of the A3 community and guild to request pets.
  • You may only request pets that you need. Remember that A3 defines "NEED" as "not already owning".
How To Adopt Pets
  1. Log into your A3 Bladefist-H character.
  2. Look at the first 6 bank tabs to see if there are any pets that you need.
  3. Check to be sure that you do not already own the pet(s).
  4. Visit the A3 forum and go to the Adoption Requests section.
  5. Respond to the topics with a list of the pets that you need.
Adoption Requests
  • Adoption requests can be posted HERE.
  • Differences in breeds do not count as different pets.
  • If you see a breed that you would prefer to have you may list it with your adoption request. Please be aware that if the pet is already gone by the time we get to your request, we will send you the same pet in a different breed.
  • If you would prefer to wait to receive a pet in a specific breed, please include a note with your adoption. If we do not have the breed you requested by the time we get to your request we will mark your request as "out of stock" and you can try again next time the breed appears.
  • You will only receive 1 pet PER tab PER week, plus a chance at Bonus Adoption pet. We do ask that you please submit lists with all of the pets you need from a certain tab though in case we run out of a pet on your list before we get to your request.
Adoption Week
  • Adoptions are open Monday through Friday only.
  • Adoptions are closed on Saturday, Sunday, and some Holidays. Holiday announcements are always posted in the Newsletter.
  • Adoptions are restocked on Monday and Wednesday.