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  • Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Cogblade Raptor

    Cogblade Raptor This model of raptor is produced in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Their robotic roars are a common sound near Toshley’s Station. Family Cogblade Raptor Available Breeds: , S/B, B/B Abilities Slot 1: Bite Batter Slot […]

  • Fashion Friday #10 – Mail – Hidden Shoulder 2/4

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a purple, brown, and silver set for Alliance and Horde Hunters or Shamans.  The current set of Fashion Fridays will feature sets highlighting the new ‘Hide Shoulder’ feature […]

  • Limerick Week Winners!

    Back in October, Azeroth Adoption Agency had a “Creative Writing” event all month. We’ve decided to feature the winners and other entrants on our blog! So without further ado, here are the winners from our […]

  • Postcards from Azeroth – Water and Explosions

    Water & Explosions With the launch of Cataclysm, two unique quest achievements were added to the game in low-level areas, one for each faction. Both involve seeming suicide ALLIANCE In northern Darkshore, just south of […]

  • Throwback Thursday – October 22, 2015

    So, have you ever gone to solo Molten Core, hoping to get a pet to drop, or the very last piece of your Felheart set to drop, like that hat you spent eight months trying […]

  • Caturday – Black Friday

    Ah, November, when the temperatures start rising and I wish it was getting closer to winter so I don’t have to endure the stifling heat of my bedroom in summer. In November are Guy Fawkes […]

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