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  • Fashion Friday #12 – Cloth – Hidden Shoulder 4/4

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a white and golden set with cyan details for cloth wearers of both factions.  The current set of Fashion Fridays will feature sets highlighting the new ‘Hide Shoulder’ […]

  • Blizzcon: Legion – Technical Panel

    ome of the most exciting revelations of Blizzcon have come from the Technical Panel. With the developers showing us just what they’ve got in store for us so far, it isn’t hard to get hyped […]

  • Repping with Leashes – The Kalu’ak: Part I

    Hello, and welcome back to Repping with Leashes, where we explore the reputations that reward you with pets. This month? Let’s go to the land of snow and rock, known as Canada. *squints at cue […]

  • Happy Anniversary Azeroth Adoption Agency!

    How time has flown! It’s time for our 3rd anniversary already! We’ve got some amazing giveaways planned for the entire month of December! Come help us celebrate! The celebration begins on December 1st and continues through […]

  • Repping with Leashes – The Saberstalkers

    The Saberstalkers If you want to fly in Draenor, these are one of three factions you’re going to need to get to Revered. Of the three, in my opinion, they’re one of the most straightforward, […]

  • Throwback Thursday – October 22, 2015

    So, have you ever gone to solo Molten Core, hoping to get a pet to drop, or the very last piece of your Felheart set to drop, like that hat you spent eight months trying […]

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