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  • Repping with Leashes – Dominance Offensive/Operation: Shieldwall

    Dominance Offensive & Operation: Shieldwall When Pandaria’s veil of mists fell away, revealing the continent to the outside world for the first time in millennia, the Horde and Alliance were quick to get a firm […]

  • 6000 Pets!

    6000 Pets Rehomed On November 28th, 2016 A3 had officially rehomed more than 6,000 pets to players who needed them! What a great way to go into our 2-year anniversary celebrations! Thank you to everyone […]

  • Blizzcon2016: World of Warcraft Q&A 2016

    World of Warcraft Q&A Originally posted by Blizzard Entertainment Q: Is crafted gear going to scale up? A: The short answer is yes. Still trying to figure out the right way. We may use Oblitirum, […]

  • Fashion Friday #16 – Cloth

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a dark teal, grey, and black cloth set with color-changing shoulders for Alliance Destruction and Affliction Warlocks. Demonology Warlocks could also use this set if they exclude the […]

  • Fashion Friday #2 – Mail

    Editor’s Note: Welcome to our second installment of Fashion Friday! To start things off we’re going to be featuring one set per week for four weeks. Afterwards we’ll be featuring one set per month. This week’s Fashion […]

  • The Great Masquerade

    The Great Masquerade This article is about the pre-WotLK quest chain to expose Katrana Prestor. For the quest that grants you the ability to mingle in disguise with the Highborne in Suramar City until you […]

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