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  • Tiny Terrors – Defiled Earth

    Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all gearing up for Legion! This month we’re covering one of the Tiny Terrors of Tanaan Jungle, Defiled Earth. While this strategy doesn’t work 100% of the time, it is […]

  • Throwback Thursday – December 17, 2015

    Hello hello! This week we’re going way back, to the first few months of World of Warcraft. Would you believe that, when the game launched, you couldn’t turn off your helm or cloak graphics? Seems […]

  • Caturday – Cats ‘n Coffee & April Showers

    So… March got away from me, and I forgot all about Caturday, so April will have a double dose of kitties. This month I’m treating you to cats enjoying coffee, and not looking to happy […]

  • Strategy Spotlight – Beasts of Fable: Ti’un the Wanderer

    Beasts of Fable Ti’un the Wanderer This month’s strategy is for the Beast of Fable Ti’un the Wanderer, found in Pandaria, in the southeast corner of Townlong Steppes. The Beasts of Fable were the first major pet battle […]

  • Creature Feature : Lunar Lantern

    Creature Feature – Lunar Lantern With the Lunar Festival having come around again, this month we’re focusing on one of the pets you have potentially obtained from the festivities. For just 50 Elder coins, or […]

  • Creature Feature: Spring Rabbit

    Creature Feature – Spring Rabbit With Noblegarden upon us, it’s time to look to one of the most common elements of the celebration, the Spring Rabbit. As any long-time player will tell you, these cheeky […]

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