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  • Fashion Friday #28 – Cloth – Summer Set 4/4

    Fashion Friday Summer has arrived and it’s heating up outside! The next set of Fashion Friday posts will feature summer-friendly outfits. This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a red, gold, and purple set for Horde and […]

  • It’s All About Pepe: New In-Game Outfits and Plush! – World of Warcraft

    Hey everyone! Check out this fun news from Blizzard! You can now buy a Pepe plush (complete with clippy feet) in the BlizzStore! There are also new costumes to find for the in-game Pepe and […]

  • Blizzcon2016: World of Warcraft Q&A 2016

    World of Warcraft Q&A Originally posted by Blizzard Entertainment Q: Is crafted gear going to scale up? A: The short answer is yes. Still trying to figure out the right way. We may use Oblitirum, […]

  • Creature Feature: Feline Familiar

    Creature Feature – Feline Familiar Feline Familiar Possible Breed: P/B Stats: Health: 1221 Power: 322 Speed: 289 Abilities Slot 1: Onyx Bite Pounce Slot 2: Stoneskin Call Darkness Slot 3: Devour Prowl With Halloween just around the corner, we […]

  • Cymre Brightblade – Master Tamer

    Hi everyone! It’s Tamer Tuesday again. This month we’re taking a look at Master Tamer – Cymre Brightblade. My Team Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Teroclaw Hatchling Alpha Strike Dodge Nature’s Ward Mechanical […]

  • Postcards from Azeroth – Argent Tournament Grounds

    Almost at the roof of the world of Azeroth stands the Argent Tournament Grounds. Situated at the northeastern corner of Icecrown, the tournament offers combatants of the Horde and Alliance the opportunity to train for […]

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