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  • Fantastic Pets and Where to Find Them – Restless Shadeling

    Restless Shadeling These creatures are silent, save for the occasional sigh of otherworldly despair. Family Restless Shadeling Available Breeds: , H/S Abilities Slot 1:  Shadow Shock Arcane Blast Slot 2: Plagued Blood Death and Decay […]

  • Creature Feature: Baby Winston

    ith Overwatch newly released, we’re taking the time to look away from the more accessible pets, and squealing excitedly over the cuteness that is Baby Winston. Much like his character in Overwatch, Winston has two […]

  • Fashion Friday #23 – Leather

    Fashion Friday This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is an earthy green and brown set with purple accents for druids of both factions. If you have a piece of armor you would like to see turned […]

  • Creature Feature: Grumpling

    Creature Feature – Grumpling The newest pet out, the Grumpling, was the Winter Veil holiday pet. Found in snow mounds throughout the daily area, he typically came with a large helping of accompanying snow balls, useful […]

  • Thundering Pandaren Spirit – Master Tamer

    Hello again! This month we’re taking a look at the Thundering Pandaren Spirit Master Tamer. He is located just north of the Shrine of Two Moons, the Horde’s main base out in Pandaria. This guy […]

  • Repping with Leashes – The Anglers

    Ahh, fishing. You either love it, or hate it, within WoW. Personally, I like it, but I know it’s not for everyone. Sometimes it can be soothing to go out to a remote location, fish […]

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