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  • Blizzcon: Legion – Technical Panel

    ome of the most exciting revelations of Blizzcon have come from the Technical Panel. With the developers showing us just what they’ve got in store for us so far, it isn’t hard to get hyped […]

  • Repping with Leashes – The Kalu’ak: Part III

    Dragonblight, and the end is in sight. Well, not really, since once you’re done, you’ll have to do dailies until you’re exalted, but at least the non-repeatable quests are nearly done. All the Dragonblight quests […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Sons of Hodir

    Sons of Hodir The Sons of Oh Dear — *checks notes* — sorry, the Sons of Hodir are a faction of ice giants that live in the frozen landscape of the eastern Storm Peaks, in […]

  • Creature Feature: Mr. Bigglesworth

    Creature Feature – Mr. Bigglesworth Mr. Bigglesworth Possible Breed: S/S Stats: Health: 1400 Power: 260 Speed: 325 Abilities Slot 1: Claw Pounce Slot 2: Ice Barrier Frost Nova Slot 3: Ice Tomb Howling Blast Mr. Bigglesworth […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Council of Exarchs

    Council of Exarchs After reviewing the starting faction Horde-side with the Frostwolf Orcs it’s only reasonable to now hop over the faction divide and take a look at the Council of Exarchs. Welcome, then, to the […]

  • Throwback Thursday – Deathwing Returns!

    Deathwing Returns! Throwback Thursday is coming back, and we’re trialing something different! I take some event in Azeroth’s history and turn it into a front-page newspaper article for the well-renowned Azeroth Enquirer, written by those bastions […]

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