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  • It’s All About Pepe: New In-Game Outfits and Plush! – World of Warcraft

    Hey everyone! Check out this fun news from Blizzard! You can now buy a Pepe plush (complete with clippy feet) in the BlizzStore! There are also new costumes to find for the in-game Pepe and […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Sha’tari Defense / Laughing Skull

    Sha’tari Defense/Laughing Skull It’s two for one time at Repping with Leashes! Well, actually it’s Horde v Alliance again for Warlords content. Like I’ve mentioned before, Warlords loves the rep grind aspect and these two garrison Trading […]

  • Creature Feature: Spring Rabbit

    Creature Feature – Spring Rabbit With Noblegarden upon us, it’s time to look to one of the most common elements of the celebration, the Spring Rabbit. As any long-time player will tell you, these cheeky […]

  • Legion: World and Content Overview

    World of Warcraft Legion World and Content Overview Hi, everyone! This panel was full of so much information! We have an introduction to the expansion, an intro to Demon Hunters, a tour of all the […]

  • Happy Anniversary A3!

    Hello all! It’s that time again! This weekend we have lots happening, so I’ll get right to it! Last Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the US, so I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and […]

  • Tips for New Tamers: Hit Chance

    Since the release of Warlords of Draenor, the hit chance for battle pet abilities has been incredibly simple. Big hard-hitting abilities with a short cooldown have a 50% chance to hit, everything else has a […]

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