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  • Repping with Leashes – Order of the Awakened

    Order of the Awakened The main point of getting these guys done is just so you can fly in Warlords content. Fortunately, you only need them at Revered but if you want to press on, making sure […]

  • Happy 1st Anniversary Azeroth Adoption Agency!

    This month marks Azeroth Adoption Agency’s one-year anniversary! So to say thanks to all of you, here are some messages from our staff members.

  • Cat-brr-day!

    Happy Caturday, A3’ers! In honor of cold weather (for us Northern Hemisphere folks at any rate) finally arriving, here’s a relatively new Simon’s Cat video to remind you that it’s not all bad!

  • Apurrl Fools!

    Hello again everyone! Hope you all survived April Fool’s Day yesterday. Did you see anything fun/unusual on the internet yesterday? Let us know in the blog forums! I also hope you all had a good […]

  • Fashion Friday #24 – Cloth

    Fashion Friday This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a white and purple set for Discipline and Holy Priests of both factions. Arcane and Frost mages and Affliction and Destruction warlocks can use this set as […]

  • Gearing up for Winter Veil

    Happy Caturday once again! The Feast of Winter Veil starts next week on Wednesday, December 16. Make sure to check out the festivities in-game! There are tons of fun things to collect during Winter Veil, […]

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