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  • Legion: The Upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion

    After two weeks of rumors, purported leaks, sad attempts at Rick Rolls and much complaining, excitement, drama and generally high emotions, the new expansion has been announced at Gamescom. The announcement of World of Warcraft: […]

  • Caturday – Halloween

    It’s that time of year again, when Linus spends yet another cold night out in the pumpkin patch, kids canvas the neighbourhood for free candy, and black cats get their moment in the moonlight. Yes, […]

  • Fashion Friday #22 – Mail

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a brown, silver, and golden yellow set for Alliance Beast Mastery or Marksmanship Hunters. This set can also be used by Shamans if they switch out the weapons and […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Sha’tari Defense / Laughing Skull

    Sha’tari Defense/Laughing Skull It’s two for one time at Repping with Leashes! Well, actually it’s Horde v Alliance again for Warlords content. Like I’ve mentioned before, Warlords loves the rep grind aspect and these two garrison Trading […]

  • Fashion Friday #7 – Leather

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a blue and brown set for Rogues or Monks of both factions. If you have a piece of armor you would like to see turned into a functional […]

  • Obalis – Grand Master Tamer

    Obalis Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Legion so far. This month we’re taking a look at Obalis, the Grand Master Tamer out in Uldum. I think the hardest things about his team are Pyth’s Vicious Fang and […]

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