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  • Postcards from Azeroth – Darnassus

    Yo dog! We heard you like trees, so we put trees in a tree, so… yeah, let’s stop right there. The capital of the Night Elves, Darnassus lies at the very top of the world […]

  • 200th Post & Summer Giveaway!

    Hi all, Jedikitten here! In honor of our 200th blog post, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved with the blog for all their hard work and dedication, especially Flameflash, Sandwalker and […]

  • Blizzcon 2016 Opening Ceremonies Recap

    This year’s Blizzcon was full of huge milestones for the company and its games. The weekend opened up with a video montage showing the history of the company and the people involved for the past […]

  • Fashion Friday #17 – Plate

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a green and brown set for Blood and Unholy Death Knights of both factions. If you have a piece of armor you would like to see turned into […]

  • Happy Birthday WoW!

    It’s World of Warcraft’s 13th birthday, and the celebration is coming to a close. It’s your last chance to log in and claim your anniversary gift. The event ends November 30th, 2017. From everyone at Azeroth […]

  • Throwback Thursday – November 19, 2015

    Back in 2002, Apple tried to get people to drop their PCs and switch over to the Mac. They offered up a bunch of “Switch” ads and videos, featuring average users talking about some problem […]

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