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  • Legion: World and Content Overview

    World of Warcraft Legion World and Content Overview Hi, everyone! This panel was full of so much information! We have an introduction to the expansion, an intro to Demon Hunters, a tour of all the […]

  • Caturday: Picnic Day

    August 7 is Picnic Day in the Australian territory* of the Northern Territory. As such, it’s actually a Monday, but any day’s a good day for a picnic! Here are some lovely pics of our […]

  • Throwback Thursday – January 14, 2016

    Hello hello! Hope you had a good New Year’s, and if you made any resolutions, I hope they’re going well. If your resolution is to read more Throwback Thursday posts, then you’re in luck! I […]

  • Creature Feature: Minfernal

    Creature Feature – Minfernal Minfernal Possible Breeds: P/B P/S H/P H/H P/P B/B Rare Level 25 P/B Stats: Health: 1465 Power: 289 Speed: 273 Abilities Slot 1: Crush Immolate Slot 2: Immolation Extra Plating Slot 3: […]

  • Repping with Leashes, Special Edition – The Kalu’ak: Part II

    Editor’s note: Welcome to a special edition of “Repping with Leashes”! Normally this will be a once a month feature, but this month you get an extra article! Enjoy! Click here for The Kalu’ak: Part […]

  • Blizzcon 2017 Schedule

    With only a few days left until Blizzcon, it’s time to look at the schedule and plan what you’re wanting to watch. Naturally, everyone wants to watch the major ‘what’s next?’ panels but this year, […]

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