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  • Throwback Thursday – March 24, 2016

    <You see a gnome making adjustments to what looks like a dwarven mole machine painted silver. A tank of dark fluid with lots of wires coming out of it is attached to the back. A […]

  • Creature Feature: Feline Familiar

    Creature Feature – Feline Familiar Feline Familiar Possible Breed: P/B Stats: Health: 1221 Power: 322 Speed: 289 Abilities Slot 1: Onyx Bite Pounce Slot 2: Stoneskin Call Darkness Slot 3: Devour Prowl With Halloween just around the corner, we […]

  • Fashion Friday #11 – Leather – Hidden Shoulder 3/4

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a purple, red, and brown set for Druids, Monks, and Rogues of both factions.  The current set of Fashion Fridays will feature sets highlighting the new ‘Hide Shoulder’ […]

  • Blizzcon 2017: Overwatch Summary

    Blizzcon has come and gone and with it lots and lots of amazing announcements. On the Overwatch front, a new hero was announced, in addition to a new map, new skins, a new character short […]

  • Repping with Leashes – The Shado-Pan

    The Shado-Pan The Shado-Pan are a small faction of pandaren warriors who dedicate their lives to the protection of Pandaria from the influence of the physical embodiments of negative emotions, the Sha. Since the mists […]

  • Creature Feature: Qiraji Guardling

    Creature Feature – Qiraji Guardling With the summer solstice and midsummer festivities been and gone, we turn our focus onto a pet that is the bane of many achievement collectors: the Qiraji Guardling. This pet […]

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