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  • Throwback Thursday – May 5, 2016

    Hello A3ers! Smadronia here, apologizing for the noticeable absence of my Throwback Thursdays. I became ill in mid-February and ended up having surgery in late March. It took me a while to recover, and while […]

  • Nearly Headless Jacob – Master Tamer

    Hello again A3’ers! This month we’re taking a look at Nearly Headless Jacob, Master Tamer located in Crystalsong Forest, Northrend. I’ve put together a few different teams that all seem to work pretty well. Jacob […]

  • Blizzcon 2017: Starcraft II Summary

    With Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty having been released July 27th, 2010 and its final expansion, Legacy of the Void, being released on November 10th, 2015, many Starcraft II fans have been wondering what’s next […]

  • Fashion Friday – 7.2 Transmog Sets and Achievements

    Patch 7.2 has a number of fun and exciting changes coming for transmog collectors! Included in the patch will be a new transmog set tab, new collection achievements and new ensembles. Transmog Set Tab The […]

  • Strategy Spotlight – Beasts of Fable: No-No

    Beasts of Fable No-No Welcome to a new series that will highlight some helpful strategies in the form of video walkthroughs. If you’re more of a visual person, these guides are just for you! For […]

  • Repping with Leashes – Burning through Hyjal

    Burning through Hyjal Well, first of all, I wish you a heavy amount of good luck. For pet hunting purposes, aside from the wild friends you might find, the Scorched Stone is heavily luck-based while Hyjal […]

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