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  • Creature Feature: Unborn Val’kyr

    Creature Feature – Unborn Val’kyr Unborn Val’kyr Breeds: B/B and H/H Stats for B/B at level 25: Health: 1562 Power: 292 Speed: 244 Abilities Slot 1: Shadow Slash Shadow Shock Slot 2: Siphon Life Curse of […]

  • Fashion Friday #22 – Mail

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a brown, silver, and golden yellow set for Alliance Beast Mastery or Marksmanship Hunters. This set can also be used by Shamans if they switch out the weapons and […]

  • Blizzcon: Legion – Technical Panel

    ome of the most exciting revelations of Blizzcon have come from the Technical Panel. With the developers showing us just what they’ve got in store for us so far, it isn’t hard to get hyped […]

  • Fashion Friday #25 – Plate – Summer Set 1/4

    Fashion Friday Summer has arrived and it’s heating up outside! The next set of Fashion Friday posts will feature summer-friendly outfits. This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a black, silver, and gold for Protection paladins […]

  • Throwback Thursday – November 19, 2015

    Back in 2002, Apple tried to get people to drop their PCs and switch over to the Mac. They offered up a bunch of “Switch” ads and videos, featuring average users talking about some problem […]

  • Tiny Terrors – Dark Gazer

    Hi again! With the launch of our new project I wanted to give you all a taste of what to expect in the future. I will be covering tamer strategies for all the tamers of […]

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