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  • Major Payne – Grand Master Tamer

    Major Payne – Grand Master Hello everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! This month we’re covering Grand Master Tamer Major Payne up at the Argent Tournament grounds. […]

  • Caturday for Sept 24, 2016

    It’s Caturday! Fall is here! Time for pumpkin everything, falling leaves, and cooler weather. To help you get in the mood here are some kitties who are totally prepared for Fall! Also, be sure to […]

  • 100 Posts!

    On 6/20/2016 the A3 community blog, Reading with Leashes, reached it’s article post! We wanted to be sure to thank everyone who has helped contribute to this project in one way or another. All of […]

  • Blizzcon 2015 Opening Ceremony

    “Starcraft, the best RTS ever,” the voiceover booms. The opening ceremony at Blizzcon is underway, and this year there is a large emphasis on just how far we have all come, as gamers and as […]

  • Throwback Thursday – February 11, 2016

    Ahh, love. Can you feel the love in the air? Or is the only love you’re feeling your Creepy Crate burping for the 47th time today? Well, don’t fret. Even if Valentine’s Day out of […]

  • Limerick Week Contestants

    Thank you to all of our participants, whether submitting to win or submitting for the fun of it.

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