Hi everyone!

We are excited to introduce the latest expansion of Azeroth Adoption Agency: our blog, Reading with Leashes. Thanks to Zullell for submitting this wonderful name! Here we will cover Blizzard announcements, pet tips, tamer strats, World of Warcraft related stories, and other random fun stuff.


This A3 expansion comes on the heels of some very exciting Blizzard news: a new expansion for the World of Warcraft! Piwakawaka has written up more about that here. We also have a couple of other articles up so you can get a small taste of what to expect on the blog in the future.

Feel free to wander around the blog and explore the nooks and crannies (you may find some strange things hiding out around the site). To celebrate the launch of Reading with Leashes, we are having a scavenger hunt! Tribbles have gotten loose on all of the A3 sites and we need your help tracking them down! The prize for finding the most tribbles? Your choice of a Blizz Store pet or one month of game time! This event will run from August 8th through August 31st, so you have plenty of time to round up those furballs.

There is a special section for the Great Tribble Hunt in the Special Events section of the A3 forums. Be sure to go there for full details on the The Great Tribble Hunt! We are also opening up a new section on the A3 forums for blog related discussions.


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