Repping With Leashes – An Intro

Master Smith Burninate shaking his behind in a rude manner.

Master Smith Burninate would like to know why you think you’re worthy.

If the pet collecting bug has hit you, then you’ve probably discovered that a select few pets are obtained only through reputation vendors. That can really suck, especially when you to go grab the pet, and the vendor looks at you as if you’ve been scraped off the floor at the Stormstout Brewery and thrown in with the flying beer monsters. Really makes a pet collector feel welcome, doesn’t it?

Well, fear not, for I am here to help you! No, I’m not going to go grind rep for your character — nice try. What I can do is help you find an efficient way to grind that rep you need. If you’ve ever got stuck rep grinding, or found out after the fact that there was a quest line that would have cut days off your grinding, then this is for you.


A Zangar Sporebat ready for combat.

Zangar Sporebat  – Requires Exalted with the Sporeggar

What will I cover? Any reputation that you’re required to have for a specific pet. That can be as simple as being exalted with the Sporeggar people for the tiny sporebat, to as complicated as being able to buy Argent Tournament pets. Yes, rep is involved in there too, but since that’s more complicated, it’ll have to be covered in multiple posts, later down the line.

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