Tiny Terrors – Dark Gazer

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With the launch of our new project I wanted to give you all a taste of what to expect in the future. I will be covering tamer strategies for all the tamers of Azeroth (and Draenor). I’ll be starting in Draenor just because that is the current expansion. If you have a particular tamer that you would like me to cover next, you can suggest it on our blog forums.

For my first tamer strat I chose to do Dark Gazer, one of the Tiny Terrors in Tanaan Jungle. The reason I picked him first is that he is the one with whom I, personally, have the most trouble. Initially, I tried the two most common teams suggested for the Tiny Terrors, and had limited success with those, so I decided to come up with my own. The team I finally ended up with is a Triple Critter, because Dark Gazer has that terrible stun, and critters are immune to stuns. You could put a more powerful pet in the third slot if you wanted, because usually the first two pets can knock out Dark Gazer, and then you could use your third pet for his two backline pets.

This team is not a ‘quick’ kill team, but I find it has a higher chance of success than other teams. Another important thing to consider when creating your team is the 50% damage reduction that all of the Tiny Terrors have. Pets with abilities such as Howl, Stampede, etc. are crucial to taking them down.

My Team
Slot Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Pet 1 Frostfur Rat S/S Flurry Refuge Stampede
Pet 2 Grassland Hopper S/S Skitter Swarm Nature’s Touch
Pet 3 Pygmy Cow H/P Stampede Feed Where’s the Beef?


  • Stampede and Swarm both apply the double damage debuff to your opponent. This is crucial because of the buff that Dark Gazer has (50% reduced damage taken).
  • Refuge, because it puts a shield around your entire team that blocks the next attack they take.
  • Where’s the Beef? because it increases your dodge chance by 100% for one round.
  • Nature’s Touch and Feed because they heal. (Feed is even better because it does damage and heals.)
  • Flurry and Skitter are filler damage abilities. Useful when the double damage buff is active.

Any pets with these abilities could be used, but having them be critters is very helpful to avoid the stun that Dark Gazer uses. However, these particular pets aren’t super difficult to obtain. Two are wild caught, and the Pygmy Cow comes from the level 3 Barn in your Garrison.

Note: the backline pets you encounter may differ from the ones in the video below. However, the concepts are still applicable: apply Shattered Defenses as needed, pay attention to what is off cool down, and heal when off cool down (unless you’re already at full health, obviously). The biggest thing to watch out for is when Fel Corruption is still applied, you really need Shattered Defenses applied so that you’re able to do some decent damage. Once that falls off the backline pets, standard battle procedure should be fine.

Round Breakdown from the video:

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Dark Gazer vs. Frostfur Rat:
Round 1: DG uses his Fel Corruption, FR uses Refuge.
Round 2: DG uses Interrupting Gaze, FR uses Stampede to apply Shattered Defenses (double damage debuff).
Round 3: DG uses Focused Beams, FR Stampede continues.
Round 4 : Same again.
Round 5: DG uses Fel Corruption (hits only the rat, as your back two pets still have the Refuge buff), FR uses Flurry to deal high damage to DG while Shattered Defenses is active.
Round 6: DG uses Interrupting Gaze, FR uses Flurry again (more damage, yay!)
Round 7: DG uses Focused Beams (rat will most likely die here, so choose Stampede, just in case he doesn’t), switch to Grassland Hopper.

Dark Gazer vs. Grassland Hopper:
Round 8: DG uses Focused Beams, GH uses Nature’s Touch to heal up.
Round 9: DG uses Fel Corruption, GH uses Swarm to apply Shattered Defenses.
Round 10: DG uses Interrupting Gaze, GH Swarm continues.
Round 11: DG uses Focused Beams, GH Swarm continues.
Round 12: DG uses Focused Beams, GH uses Skitter (DG should die).

Violet Firefly vs. Grassland Hopper:
Round 13: Violet Firefly is now active, applies Confusing Sting, GH heals with Nature’s Touch.
Round 14: VF uses Scratch, GH uses Swarm to apply Shattered Defenses (the enemy pets have 6 rounds of Fel Corruption left on them). GH will probably die here.

Violet Firefly vs. Pygmy Cow:
Round 15: VF uses Glowing Toxins, PC uses Feed (Firefly has Shattered Defenses, so healing potential is best now).
Round 16: VF uses Confusing Sting, PC uses Where’s the Beef?, this allows PC to dodge the Toxin’s effect and the next round’s attacks by the firefly.
Round 17: VF uses Glowing Toxins (PC dodges), PC uses Stampede to apply Shattered Defenses (also dodges any effects from Confusing Sting).
Round 18: VF uses Confusing Sting, Stampede continues.
Round 19: Same again. Fel Corruption should end now as well.
Round 20: VF uses Confusing Sting, also now has Shattered Defenses, and no Fel Corruption buff, and PC’s Feed should be available to use so heal away, and Firefly should die.

Rat vs. Pygmy Cow:
Round 21: Rat uses Scratch, PC uses Where’s the Beef (we just healed, so dodging some damage is helpful while the heal is on cool down).
Round 22: Rat uses Scratch (which PC dodges), PC uses Stampede (1. it’s the only ability off cooldown, 2. it will apply Shattered Defenses so when Feed is off cooldown you’ll get max healing again).
Round 23: Rat uses Survival, Stampede continues.
Round 24: Rat uses Scratch, Stampede continues.
Round 25: Rat uses Flurry, PC’s Feed should be off cooldown for some heals (also, using that should kill the rat and end the fight, but if not, another round of Stampede should take care of it).

Let me know if this guide helped you take care of Dark Gazer! Also, let me know what other strategies have worked for you. We may feature them at a later date!

Disclaimer: This is the first guide I’ve ever done; expect them to get better over time. 🙂 I welcome feedback.

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