Throwback Thursday – November 19, 2015

Back in 2002, Apple tried to get people to drop their PCs and switch over to the Mac. They offered up a bunch of “Switch” ads and videos, featuring average users talking about some problem they had on a PC. Here’s an example.

And, like anything put out on the Internet, it was parodied mercilessly. Parodies sprang up right and left. Happy Nowhere, The Dark Side, and many more popped up shortly after the original Apple videos came out.

So it was no surprise that World of Warcraft would too have its own Switch parody videos. Created by Tristan Pope during Vanilla, the videos featured two dissatisfied players who chose to make the Switch. In case you’re wondering about Diety, keep in mind that back in Vanilla, the Alliance had paladins, and the Horde had shaman, and that was it.

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