Tamer Tips: What to Level

One of the first issues a new tamer comes across is getting a pet to max level, only to find the pets they leveled aren’t actually directly useful. This could be because the pets you leveled aren’t good for carrying in the zone you choose for leveling the rest of your pets, or it could be the pets you chose are useful only to a small number of tamer strategies.

One of the biggest decisions you will make is which pets to level. Depending on where you look, you’ll be told to level a wide range of pets or focus on just one. Of those, you can generally guarantee the Anubisath Idol will be touted as the best thing since sliced bread.

While it is undoubtedly a strong pet and a mainstay of many teams, it is also still a very hard-to-get pet if you’ve only just started playing. Even worse are the teams that recommend the Unborn Val’kyr. There are many trainers who have been playing from the start and still not found her.

While leveling, having six pets you focus on means you can shuffle through your team as pets die, without constantly worrying about how long until your pet heal comes off cooldown, or where the stable master happens to be.

The list of pets provided should give you some ideas as to what can be useful later on in your pet battling journey as well. Some of these pets I have seen in only a couple of strategies, while others like the fox are more widely useful, especially if you decide to level your pets in the Valley of the Four Winds, where pets are either critters or aquatics.

While getting a good stable going will be a struggle simply because of the number of pets you need to cover the many battles, starting well can make the difference between a task feeling impossible, or merely frustrating.

When you do decide on which pets need to hit 25 first, make sure to consider which zone you’ll be doing your level carries in. If you look at the Valley of the Four Winds, for example, the pets are primarily critter and aquatic types, so a beast and and either a magical type or flying type would be perfect as your first leveled pets as they will be strong enough to carry your other pets with minimal fuss. All the other pets you choose will be there to support those first two pets you want as your carriers.

Sheep: these innocuous critters can pack a real punch as they gain levels. Alliance can catch the Elwynn Lambs in Elwynn Forest and dwarves will no doubt stumble over the Black Ram in Loch Modan. A combination of Soothe, Chew, and Stampede makes the sheep a powerful choice of critter. I personally use these guys against Chi-Ji, in the Celestial Tournament.

Snakes: One of the first creatures Horde will come across on the other hand is a snake. While some versions of the snake are better than others. Death Adder with Blinding Poison for example, can be a steady beast, especially once it gains Burrow.

Lost of Lordaeron: Horde have it easiest getting undead early, with the Lost of Lordaeron, found in the ruins above the Undercity. With Curse of Doom at level 20, it can be used as a partial substitute for Unborn Val’kyr. As a bonus, Siphon Life damages your opponents and heals your pet.

Blighthawk: For everyone else there’s the Blighthawk, a powerful undead bird. Consume Corpse makes for a good heal, while it has a decent mix of undead and flying attacks.

Arcane Eye: Of the few wild magic pets, the Arcane Eye is the most notable. While its attacks are fairly average, and it works best in conjunction with a pet with Arcane Winds, the reason you want to trek out to Deadwind Pass is because this pet is the only high level pet that doesn’t bring its friends to the fight. If you get stuck leveling it is a brilliant pet to grind a few extra levels against for your main team. Who knows? If you go at the right time, you might even find a few Restless Shadelings as well.

Lava Crab: While blood elves will get their first elemental quite easily from the Ruby Sapling, a large number of people won’t find any until they get to the Lava Crabs. Burn is a decent hit, as is Conflagrate, while Shell-shield reduces damage.

Fel Flame: While the Lava Crab is okay, Fel Flame is able to do far more damage. This is purely because of having Immolate. Chucking Immolate onto an opponent first means Conflagrate deals double damage, a happy thing when you’re trying to carry lowbie pets. You can find Fel Flames in Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) or, if you have a level 100, you can go to Tanaan Jungle and catch a slightly higher level Flame.

Foxes: While you won’t see wild foxes until Northrend (Fjord Worg Pup), getting one on board and leveling gives you access to Howl, a powerful move that increases the damage taken by your opponent.

Rabbits: Whereas sheep pack a punch, rabbits dodge the damage. As a staple in tamer teams, getting a leveled rabbit can be essential for some strategies. Fortunately, you can catch high level rabbits in Kun-Lai Summit if you don’t feel like taking one through all the levels. Alternatively, the Spring Rabbit is an easy or cheap pet to get and comes in the S/S breed recommended for rabbits.

Emerald Proto-drake Whelpling: many strategies recommend a proto-drake. With Proto-Strike and Emerald Presence it takes less damage; or, if you prefer, you can use its big heal instead. It is good for countering either magic or flying type pets, depending on which move you have in the first slot.

Nether Faerie Dragon: The Nether Faerie Dragon is a strong counter for flying pets. Taking less damage and having powerful magic attacks means it lasts longer in a fight. It also has Evanescence, which, like the rabbit’s dodge, means you can miss two attacks if you have the faster pet.

Moth: Another pet available throughout many of the leveling zones, the moth is best at wrecking aquatics. Add in Moth Dust and it can hold its own in many a fight.

Flayer Youngling: While not the first humanoid you’ll find, it’s the first to have a strong set of humanoid moves. If you get an S/S breed, the combination of Kick and Deterrence will negate many big attacks while Blitz wrecks dragonkin.

Crabs: Your normal non-elemental crab is a powerhouse of the aquatic pets. Between its Healing Wave, shield and normal attack, carries might take an age, but your crab won’t be needing all that much healing unless you find yourself against some flying types.

Frogs: These guys can heal, and if you get lucky, can chain stun your opponent with Frog Kiss. While it’s more of a luck-based approach, it can work and can be useful.

Mechanicals: While there are a few low level mechanicals sitting around for you to catch — Fluxfire Feline in the gnome starting area, Tiny Harvesters in Westfall, and Robo-Chicks in Orgrimmar — the main zone for mechanical pets is Winterspring. Mechanicals are very useful to start with, especially in zones full of beast-type pets. My personal favourite, however, is the Cogblade Raptor. It has been a powerhouse of my team. It did suffer from exactly what I’m trying to help you with, however; it got to 25 and wasn’t so good for helping carry my other pets.

Good luck on your journey, new trainers! Don’t forget to follow our tamer strategy guides; they can give you extra ideas on what pets you might want to level once you get your first 25s.

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