Tiny Terrors – Mirecroak

Tiny Terrors – Mirecroak

Hello again! Hope you are all doing well and surviving the non-stop period of craziness that is known as the holiday season. :) Thanksgiving has come and gone, and soon Christmas and New Year’s will be upon us. Also, all through the month of December be sure to check out our main site for all kinds of fun activities in celebration of Azeroth Adoption Agency’s 1-year anniversary!

This month’s tamer to tackle is Mirecroak. Mirecroak is one of the Tiny Terrors in Tanaan Jungle. He, along with Dark Gazer, is one of my least favorite. He has the Frog Kiss ability, which has the chance to turn you into a frog and make you lose your turn. The best way WoWScrnShot_112515_123625 (2)that I found to negate this move was to use one or more critters. I tried several different combinations and, after failing miserably on my own, looked up several different strats online. The best one I found was from Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies. I took one of his suggested teams, with just a few moves altered, and tried it a few times to be sure it worked all right. It worked beautifully.

My Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Pandaren Water Spirit Water Jet Whirlpool Geyser
Tolai Hare Scratch Adrenaline Rush Stampede
Anubisath Idol Crush Sandstorm Deflection

The thing about this strat is it allows you to still use the Pandaren Water Spirit’s Geyser and Whirlpool, which is really helpful on these bosses. The difference from the standard “Howl bomb” team is that the next pet is a rabbit, any kind, I used a Tolai Hare, instead of Chrominius. Anything that has a move that will apply the debuff “Shattered Defenses” will work… in my rabbit’s case: Stampede.

Move breakdown from the video

Pandaren Water Spirit/Tolai Hare vs. Mirecroak

Click to view
Round 1:
Mirecroak uses Fel Corruption
Pandaren Water Spirit uses Geyser

Round 2:
Mirecroak uses Acid Rain
Pandaren Water Spirit uses Whirlpool

Round 3:
Swap to Tolai Hare
Mirecroak uses Frog Kiss
Tolai Hare is immune to being turned into a frog… yay!

Round 4:
Mirecroak uses Frog Kiss again
Tolai Hare uses Stampede
*this is a HUGE round. Stampede applies the debuff of Shattered Defenses just in time for the Pandaren Water Spirit’s Geyser and Whirlpool to fall. The combined damage should obliterate Mirecroak! Now all you need to worry about is the backline pets.

One bonus about Stampede as opposed to Howl is that it is a 3-round ability, so even after Mirecroak dies, the next backline pet will also get the Shattered Defenses debuff, which will aid you greatly in killing him quickly.

Tolai Hare/Pandaren Water Spirit vs. Tree Python

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Round 5:
Tolai Hare is still Stampeding (thus applying Shattered Defenses to the python)
Tree Python uses Bite

Round 6:
Tolai Hare is still Stampeding
Tree Python uses Bite

Tolai Hare dies

Round 7:
Swap to Pandaren Water Spirit
Pandaren Water Spirit uses Geyser
Tree Python uses Hiss

Round 8:
Tree Python uses Burrow
Pandaren Water Spirit uses Whirlpool
Shattered Defenses falls off the python, and he now has 3 rounds left of the Fel Corruption buff

Round 9:
Tree Python’s Burrow ends
Pandaren Water Spirit uses Water Jet

Round 10:
Tree Python uses Bite
Pandaren Water Spirit dies

Geyser and Whirlpool both fall, killing the Tree Python

Anubisath Idol vs. Bloodbeak

Click to view
Round 11:
Bloodbeak uses Slicing Wind
Anubisath Idol uses Crush

Fel Corruption ends

Round 12:
Bloodbeak uses Lift-Off
Anubisath Idol uses Crush

Round 13:
Anubisath Idol uses Deflection (this move always goes first, and by using it now, it allows you to avoid the damage from the dive-bombing Bloodbeak)
Bloodbeak’s Lift-Off ends

Round 14:
Bloodbeak uses Slicing Wind
Anubisath Idol uses Sandstorm
*I chose to wait to use Sandstorm until now because of the 10% reduced accuracy that it applies, and I wanted to get at least one hit guaranteed.

The Sandstorm brought Bloodbeak low enough on health to remove the flying advantage.

Round 15:
Anubisath Idol uses Crush
Bloodbeak uses Flyby (which applies Weakened Defenses to your idol)

Round 16:
Anubisath Idol uses Crush
Bloodbeak dies

So there you have it! That annoying frog is taken care of, and you can happily continue on with your day.

Stay tuned for our next tamer! We’ll be starting the year off with a bang! We’ll be covering Major Payne in January, and Nearly Headless Jacob in February!

If you have a tamer you’d like to see covered in a future article, please visit the Reading with Leashes section of the Azeroth Adoption Agency forum!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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