Postcards from Azeroth – Thunder Bluff

Heyo, everyone!

This time I am in Thunder Bluff, located in the far north of Mulgore, among the sprawling flatlands of the Golden Plains.

It comprises four towering buttes. The only access from the plains below is via elevators leading to the large central butte, which is connected to the others by large wooden bridges.

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Thunder Bluff’s central hub is divided into three rises, and is surrounded by three additional buttes with distinct names. Right in the middle is a huge hollow pole, which holds a spiralling ramp giving access to each rise, as well as the flight master and quartermaster at the top.

Central hub
Lower Rise

Image 3 - tblowLower Rise (accessed by southwestern lifts from main north road): bank, inn, auction ‘house’ (actually two small huts just north of the pond). Profession trainers: Engineer Palehoof(Engineering), Brek Stonehoof (Mining), Nahari Cloudchaser (Jewelcrafting), Karn Stonehoof(Blacksmithing)

Middle Rise
Image 4 - tbmidMiddle Rise (accessed by northeastern lifts from plains): Profession trainers: Bena Winterhoof (Alchemy), Teg Dawnstrider (Enchanting), Una (Leatherworking), Tepa (Tailoring),Mooranta (Skinning), Komin Winterhoof (Herbalism)
High Rise
Image 5 - tb highHigh Rise (east from spiral ramp): The noble leader of Thunder Bluff, Baine Bloodhoof, can be found at the eastern hut on this rise. Profession trainers: Aska Mistrunner(Cooking), Kah Mistrunner (Fishing)
Elder Rise
Image 6 - eldersriseElder Rise (rope bridges from Middle and High Rise): Profession trainer: Otoh Greyhide (Archaeology); Class trainers: Druid and Priest
Hunter Rise
Image 7 - huntersriseHunter Rise (rope bridges from lower and high rise): Class trainers: Hunter, Paladin and Warrior. Those that enjoy PvP will find the Battlemasters here too.
Spirit Rise
Image 8 - SpiritriseSpirit Rise (rope bridges from Lower and Middle rise): Class trainers: Monk, Priest and Shaman. Profession trainer: Pand Stonebinder (First Aid). A zeppelin dock is located at the western edge of Spirit Rise, facilitating a more leisurely journey between Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar.
Pools of Vision
Image 9 - tbpoolsPools of Vision (accessed via the cave entrance beneath Spirit Rise): Class trainers: Mage, Priest and Warlock. Profession trainer: Poshken Hardbinder (Inscription). The portal to Hellfire Peninsula is located at the back of the cave.
Flight Master
Image 10 - tbFightmasterThe Wind Rider Master, Tal, is located at the top of the spiral ramp inside the central pole, standing beside the quartermaster Brave Tuho.
Thunder Bluff
In Thunder Bluff you can find the Prairie Dog or buy a Prairie Dog Whistle (summons Brown Prairie Dog) from Halpa for 50 silver before faction discount.Image 11 - thunderbluff
Map of Thunder Bluff
Image 12 - TBMap
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