Major Payne – Grand Master Tamer

Major Payne – Grand Master

Hello everyone! Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

WoWScrnShot_122415_011710This month we’re covering Grand Master Tamer Major Payne up at the Argent Tournament grounds.

Major Payne is true to his name. The first few times I battled him ages ago I failed miserably. When I was finally able to beat him I was one happy camper!┬áThis go-round I tried a couple of teams. I’ll list both of them below.

In my video the first team is the time-lapse battle at the very beginning. The second team is comprised of pets ‘similar’ to my first team’s pets, but they are slightly more obtainable. This team’s battle moves will be what I detail below the video. If you have any questions about the first team, feel free to ask away on the forums and I’ll be glad to answer them!

Team 1
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Cogblade Raptor Batter Overtune Exposed Wounds
Dark Phoenix Hatchling Burn Immolate Conflagrate
Scooter the Snail Ooze Touch Shell Shield Dive
Team 2
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Darting Hatchling Bite Leap Exposed Wounds
Pandaren Fire Spirit Burn Immolate Conflagrate
Rapana Whelk Ooze Touch Shell Shield Dive


Any pet that can hit Beasts like a truck can be used for the first pet. I picked ones that had the Exposed Wounds ability to add just a little bit more damage to each attack. A pet that has Howl could probably be used as well. I wouldn’t suggest a pet with Stampede as that is a multiple round ability, and Grizzle could get in some decent hits before you’ve finished stampeding.

Many pets have the same moveset as both pets in the number 2 slot. I suggest sticking with Elementals that have the moveset as they take less damage from Mechanicals. I am not certain how much of a factor breed would be in this particular instance.

I like using the Critter in slot 3 because it will definitely avoid the possible stun from Entangling Roots. However, I would suggest making sure that whatever you use in the third slot has an Aquatic damage-dealing ability.

Major Payne’s Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Grizzle HIbernate Bash Rampage
Beakmaster X-225 Batter Wind-Up Shock and Awe
Bloom Lash Soothing Mists Entangling Roots

Biggest thing to look out for: Grizzle’s Hibernate. If he goes into hibernation and you’re not able to kill him, he’ll heal up a ton, and you’re pretty much back to square one. Both the Cogblade Raptor’s Batter, and the Darting Hatchling’s Bite seem quite able to take care of Grizzle, especially with Exposed Wounds applied. The Cogblade is a little stronger since he’s a Mechancial against a Beast, but the Darting Hatchling does pretty well as by the time he needs to hit hard he has the Beast ability that increases damage dealt. If Grizzle uses Bash, just pass and wait for your next turn. The one-round stun shouldn’t hurt you too much.

Move breakdown from the video

Grizzle vs. Darting Hatchling

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Round 1:
Darting Hatchling uses Exposed Wounds.
Grizzle uses Bash (stunning the hatchling for one round. Just pass this round, and don’t switch pets).

Round 2:
Darting Hatchling is stunned.
Grizzle uses Rampage.

Round 3:
Darting Hatchling uses Bite.
Grizzle is still on his Rampage (dealing enough damage to give the Darting Hatchling his Beast damage increase buff).

Round 4:
Darting Hatchling uses Bite.
Grizzle is still Rampaging.

Round 5:
Darting Hatchling uses Bite.
Grizzle uses Hibernate. (Now it is imperative to kill him so he doesn’t heal up.)

Round 6:
Darting Hatchling uses Bite.
Grizzle dies.

Round 7:
Beakmaster uses Batter, killing the Darting Hatchling.
Swap to Pandaren Fire Spirit.

Beakmaster vs. Pandaren Fire Spirit

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Round 8:
Beakmaster uses Batter.
Pandaren Fire Spirit uses Immolate.

Round 9:
Beakmaster uses Batter.
Pandaren Fire Spirit uses Burn. (I chose to use Burn first because I wanted to save the hard-hitting Conflagrate for when Beakmaster was low enough on health that it would kill him… see next round.)

Round 10:
Beakmaster uses Batter
Pandaren Fire Spirit uses Conflagrate (Conflagrate hits twice if the target is burning so by waiting, the first hit can kill Beakmaster, then when he comes back to life, as Mechanicals do, then the second hit can finish him off, and if it doesn’t, then the burning from Immolation should finish him off.)
Beakmaster dies.

Bloom vs Pandaren Fire Spirit

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Round 11:
Bloom uses Entangling Roots.
Pandaren Fire Spirit uses Immolate.

Round 12:
Bloom uses Lash.
Pandaren Fire Spirit uses Burn.
Entangling Roots kills Pandaren Fire Spirit.

Bloom vs. Rapana Whelk
Round 13:
Bloom uses Soothing Mists.
Rapana Whelk uses Dive.

Round 14:
Bloom uses Lash (missing the Rapana Whelk since he’s under ‘water’).
Rapana Whelk comes out of his dive.

Round 15:
Bloom uses Entangling Roots.
Rapana Whelk uses Shell Shield.

Round 16:
Bloom uses Lash.
Rapana Whelk uses Ooze Touch.

Round 17:
Bloom uses Lash.
Rapana Whelk uses Ooze Touch.

Bloom dies.

So there you have it. Again, if you want more details about Team 1, let me know on the A3 blog forums! Stay tuned next month for Nearly Headless Jacob!
Happy New Year!

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