Creature Feature: Grumpling

Creature Feature – Grumpling

The newest pet out, the Grumpling, was the Winter Veil holiday pet. Found in snow mounds throughout the daily area, he typically came with a large helping of accompanying snow balls, useful for powering the Winter Veil Disguise Kit.

At the time of writing, due to the large number of Grumplings collected, his average server price is 154 gold for the lootable item, or 334 gold for the cageable minion according to the Undermine Journal.WoWScrnShot_012916_161121

Possible Breeds: P/P, P/S, P/B

Used: P/P
Health: 1441
Power: 341
Speed: 236


He has a move set very similar to the Kun-Lai Runt, a similarly modeled yeti that has previously found heavy usage in my PvE teams.

  • Punish and Snowball are found on the first button. If you look at the links to the moves you’ll note Snowball is a consistent damage hitter, while Punish has a range of damage it can do.
  • On the second button is Frost Shock and Mangle, giving you a choice between setting up a debuff, and chilling your opponent.
  • On the third button is Deep Freeze and Gift of Winter’s Veil. Gift is a hard hitting move with a five turn cool down, while Deep Freeze hits for less, has a four turn cool down, and a 25% chance to stun. When used in combination with a move that has a chilling effect such as Frost Shock, the stun becomes 100%.

The main strength of the Grumpling is that a Frost Shock/Deep Freeze combination is good for buying turns, either through your opponent missing a turn due to the stun, or being forced to switch to another pet. While this is a combination I no longer use for PvE due to a line-up change at the start of Warlords, it does still have its uses.

Having tried him in PvP, I would not recommend a Winter Veil-themed team due to limiting yourself to humanoids and elementals. I did find a switch team, with the Grumpling as leader, does have its uses. While my win count was not high, I not only fought a healing team of Magical Crawdad, Blossoming Ancient, and Brightpaw to a standstill, but made them run away. Healing teams are notoriously good at being able to outheal a lot of damage you can normally do, and are specifically used as stall teams, to make battles as long and frustrating as possible. Being able to get a stun up when the Crawdad was about to cast Wish made a huge difference in the flow of battle. I also benefited from the Blossoming Ancient keeping Sunlight up, as it boosted the humanoid racial. It took a long time, but Brightpaw was the first of the pets to drop, due to a couple of well placed Punishes and the Blossoming Ancient followed suit fairly swiftly after. Had my opponent not fled, I could have even taken out the Crawdad, as I still had all of my pets left, and Wish has a long cooldown.

The combination of slowing the opponent’s pets so I could get the first move, and having two hard-hitting moves, made all the difference in that fight. I suspect I would do even better if I actually understood pet PvP.

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