Nearly Headless Jacob – Master Tamer

Image 1Hello again A3’ers!

This month we’re taking a look at Nearly Headless Jacob, Master Tamer located in Crystalsong Forest, Northrend.

I’ve put together a few different teams that all seem to work pretty well. Jacob has a team of Undead pets, which have a nasty habit of coming back to life for one round after you kill them. The best way to combat Undeads is with Critters. You can also use aquatics with critter abilities (aquatics take less damage from undeads, and critter abilities deal more damage to undeads).

The team in the video is comprised of fairly easy to obtain pets.

My Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Bandicoon S/S Tongue Lash Survival Powerball
Black Rat S/S Scratch (or Comeback) Flurry Stampede
Cockroach S/S Flank (or Scratch) Survival Swarm

I tried to use S/S pets so that the abilities that hit an extra time when your pet goes first would give the maximum damage. If you don’t have fast pets, that’s fine as well. I would suggest using the abilities that are not reliant on speed, or, for the Bandicoon, you could just use Powerball a few times to get your speed boost, then use Flurry. The moves in parentheses can easily be substituted for the original moves.

Click to view Alternate Team 1
Alternate Team 1 – rabbits
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Darkmoon Rabbit H/S Scratch Vicious Streak Stampede
Tolai Hare S/B Flurry (or Scratch) Dodge (or Adrenaline Rush) Stampede
Tolai Hare Pup S/B Flurry (or Scratch) Dodge (or Adrenaline Rush) Stampede

If your rabbits are not stacked towards speed, I would use Adrenaline Rush over Dodge so that you can boost your speed and get the additional hit from Flurry. I chose to use Stampede, both in this team and my main team, because it applies the Shattered Defenses debuff, and increased damage is always a plus.

Click to view Alternate Team 2
Alternate Team 2 – turtles
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Emerald Turtle H/B Grasp (or Emerald Bite) Healing Wave Powerball
Emerald Turtle B/B Grasp (or Emerald Bite) Healing Wave Powerball
Softshell Snapling H/S Grasp (or Emerald Bite) Healing Wave Powerball

For the turtles, the most important thing is to make sure they have a Critter ability. In my case, they all had Powerball, which was a bonus because it gave them the speed advantage as well. I chose Healing Wave for the second ability just because I like heals, and there really wasn’t occasion to use Shell Shield. The abilities in the first slot don’t really matter because you’ll be using mostly Powerball.

Any of the above teams should make quick work of Nearly Headless Jacob’s pets. In the rabbits’ team I used the Darkmoon Rabbit because that was the only other rabbit I had leveled up — sad, I know. However, most rabbits and hares have similar, if not the exact same, moveset, so don’t worry if you don’t have those exact bunnies. The same goes for the turtles’ team.

Another very helpful feature of Critter-type pets is the fact that they are immune to stuns and roots, which the Bone Prison of Nearly Headless Jacob’s pet Stitch is.

Nearly Headless Jacob’s Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Spooky Strangler Curse of Doom Agony Death Grip
Stitch Weakness Call Darkness Bone Prison
Mort Ghostly Bite Spectral Strike Siphon Life

Move breakdown from the video

Bandicoon vs. Spooky Strangler

Click to view
Round 1:
Bandicoon uses Tongue Lash.
Spooky Strangler uses Curse of Doom.

Round 2:
Bandicoon uses Tongue Lash.
Spooky Strangler uses Agony.

Round 3:
Bandicoon uses Tongue Lash, killing Spooky Strangler for the first time.
Spooky Strangler comes back to life and uses Death Grip (force swapping your pets).

Round 4:
Black Rat uses Stampede (doesn’t really matter which move you use, because you can’t kill the Spooky Strangler again, but he’ll die at the end of the round anyway. I chose to use Stampede because it’s a 3-round move, and this gets one round out of the way so that I can do more damage faster to the next pet).
Spooky Strangler dies.

Black Rat vs. Stictch

Click to view
Round 5:
Black Rat continues to Stampede (applying the Shattered Defenses debuff to Stitch).
Stitch uses Call Darkness.

Round 6:
Black Rat finishes Stampeding.
Stitch uses Weakness (applying the debuff Weakness to your pet, decreasing your speed and damage for 1 round).

Round 7:
Stitch uses Bone Prison (your Black Rat is immune to the rooting portion of this ability).
Black Rat uses Scratch.

Round 8:
Black Rat uses Scratch (killing Stitch for the first time).
Stitch comes back to life and uses Bone Prison again.

Round 9:
Black Rat uses Stampede.
Stitch uses Weakness.

Stitch dies.

Black Rat vs. Mort

Click to view
Round 10:
Mort uses Siphon Life.
Black Rat continues to Stampede.

Round 11:
Black Rat finishes Stampeding.
Mort uses Spectral Strike, killing your Black Rat.

Cockroach vs. Mort

Click to view
Round 12:
Cockroach uses Flank.
Mort uses Ghostly Bite (which stuns him).

Round 13:
Cockroach uses Flank, killing Mort for the first time.
Mort is still stunned from Ghostly Bite.

Round 14:
Cockroach uses Survival*.
Mort dies.

*Note: the move you use for Round 14 doesn’t really matter as Mort is going to die anyway. I used Survival to be funny. I wasn’t really in danger of dying. :P

So there you have it. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?

If you have any tamers you’d like to see covered, let us know on the forums! See you next month!

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