Tips for New Tamers: Rarity

One of the first things you come across when catching wild pets is the different rarities.

Following the same rarity scale as items, you start off with poor quality pets and shift up through the quality ranks. The highest learned rarity pet any player can get is rare; however, there epic and legendary quality pets that can be found belonging to the various pet battle tamers and quests.

Rarity determines how much of each of your stats you get. A poor quality pet will have lower health, attack and speed than a higher quality pet of the same breed. Generally, it’s recommended that you get your main battle teams to rare quality as soon as possible. While it doesn’t matter as much for PvE pet battles. It’s very important for PvP pet battles. Taking your first steps into P-PvP with a team of commons or uncommons guarantees you’ll have the more experienced players mopping the floor with your pets. For any person first trying out P-PvP this is never a good start and can be very discouraging.

Collecting rare quality wild pets simply requires persistence, but when it comes to dropped pets and bought pets, you very often find the item rarity does not correspond to the rarity of the learned pet. Part of this is a relic from when pet battling was first introduced. The item quality simply indicates how hard it is to gain the pet. When pet battling was introduced the learned pets were given a random rarity that did not necessarily correspond with their item rarity.

So now you’ve got a bit of an idea about quality, how do we get upgrades? You can spend hours farming up rare quality pets for your wild pets if you want. But what about the store ones? They can’t come in any quality other than their learned one right?

If you’re lucky, when you level your first pets to 25 you might be able to get a couple of pet stones. There are multiple types of stones you can obtain. There are stones for each of the pet families, as well as the Flawless Battle Stone¬†that can be used on any pet.

Unfortunately, for the most part, you will usually have to wait until you have a character at level 90 to start really pulling in the upgrades. While the previous continents have a series of tamers to battle, leading to one Grand Tamer that gives you a bag, once you open up the Pandaria tamers you can gain a bag from each of them, as well as three bags that can be obtained from the three Beasts of Fable quests. Each of these bags has a chance to give you a quality upgrade stone. Beating all the tamers each day can eventually net you a decent chunk of the quality stones you’ll need to upgrade. Inevitably, however, there’ll be one family you just aren’t getting enough upgrades for.

There are stones that upgrade pets to green quality, and they’re good if you need a boost until you can start bringing in the higher quality stones, but beyond that they aren’t really worth the effort.

If you find yourself frustrated while you work on opening up the Pandaria tamers, defeating the Draenor tamers each day gives you pet charms, a currency you can spend with the NPCs in your menagerie, even if it isn’t built yet. If it is, you can also gain charms from the daily quest in the menagerie. The level 1 and 2 menageries will give you a guaranteed reward of 8 charms, while the level 3 menagerie quest rewards a bag that can give you 8-10 charms.

Serr’ah, in the Horde menagerie, and Lio the Lioness¬†(Alliance) both sell the generic flawless quality stones for 15 charms. Do double-check your purchases. They also sell a similar looking yellow stone. These stones give your pets a free level, and while useful, if your goal is upgrading the pet qualities, it doesn’t do much for that.

To upgrade your pets all you need to do is summon your pet to your side, click on the appropriate stone, and then click on the pet.


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