Throwback Thursday – March 24, 2016

<You see a gnome making adjustments to what looks like a dwarven mole machine painted silver. A tank of dark fluid with lots of wires coming out of it is attached to the back. A soft whining noise comes from the machine. As you step closer, the gnome hears you and turns around.>
Why, hello there! I’ve just put the finishing touches on a new machine that can transport you to any point in the past. I call it the ‘You Had to Have Been There to See It Machine’. Too long? Well, maybe you can come up with a better name on the way. Come on, get in. Through that door there, and DON’T TOUCH anything! Especially that blinking red button marked ‘Self-Destruct’.
<The gnome gets in and secures the door behind him, then turns to the panel full of lights, switches and things that go PING! that covers nearly half the wall.>
Now, where to… or should that be when to? Ah, I know! <He fiddles around with some buttons and levers, and a date readout using some kind of arcane technomagic lights up to show 14 – 10 – 2008.> Buckle up! This could be a bumpy ride!
<He mutters under his breath something about not having tested the shock absorbers.>


Are you okay? You look a bit green. Don’t worry; it’ll pass soon, I’m sure. <He gestures at a screen set into the middle of the instrument panel.> Now, we are just inside the tower of Karazhan, once home to the last Guardian of Tirisfal, Medivh. You’ll see that we’ve landed just inside the kitchen.

<He goes to a small chest you hadn’t noticed before, and pulls out two flimsy cloaks.>
Put this on. It’s another one of my inventions, the Cloak of Not Seeing Its Wearer. Catchy name, right? We’re gonna go out, and head round the corner.
<You do as the gnome says, and he opens the door, gesturing for you to follow him. As you do, you wonder how the machine’s hidden — or even if it is, as you can still plainly see it, parked awkwardly in the middle of the room. He leads the way through a door and to the left.>
Now, just here, through this door, is a nasty character by the name of Tenris Mirkblood. Looks a bit like the famed Prince Kael’thas, but a lot less classy.
<He carefully pushes open the door, trying to not make a sound, and peeks in through the small gap opened. He beckons for you to join him, and whispers.>
He was in residence for only a short time — only three weeks — but he was well sought after by pet collectors, because he dropped the Vampiric Batling. Those who didn’t have the opportunity to kill him for it lost the chance forever when the Scourge packed up and left, taking him with them.
<You peer through the gap, and see Tenris just standing there, looking rather irritated at something, just out of sight. You leave him to his thoughts, and follow the gnome back to the mole machine.>
Even if you weren’t around to take a shot at him, there are still a few reasons for paying this place a visit. For example, I hear that the Attumen the Huntsman‘s horse could be persuaded to follow along for a handful of oats and sugar cubes, and nowadays, you might find some of the more important residents* of this accursed tower harbouring pets for the dedicated collector. <He lifts his head to look up at you with a wide grin.> I hope you like chess!
<You get back into the machine and take the cloak off. The gnome closes the door securely, then goes to his panel, whereupon he sets the destination date to today’s date, before engaging the time drive.>


Aaaand we’re back to the present time! Hmm, you look a bit better this time around… A few more trips, and you’ll stay your proper colour! <The door opens with a slight hiss, and he waves for you to exit.> I hope you’ll come back again soon! There are so many times and places to visit!

*The Curator, The Big Bad Wolf and Prince Malchezaar.

Video of fight:

(not great quality, but it features no heavy metal soundtrack)

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