Creature Feature: Spring Rabbit

Creature Feature – Spring Rabbit

spring rabbits

Spring Rabbit

Possible Breeds: S/S

Health: 1400
Power: 228
Speed: 358

Slot one: Scratch, Flurry
Slot two: Adrenaline Rush, Dodge
Slot three: Burrow, Stampede 

With Noblegarden upon us, it’s time to look to one of the most common elements of the celebration, the Spring Rabbit. As any long-time player will tell you, these cheeky little bunnies have an obnoxious habit of suddenly multiplying in your inventory. This happens at at least double the usual rate when Noblegarden rolls around each year.

You can learn this cuddly little bunny from the Spring Rabbit’s Foot. This is a rare quality item available for purchase from the Noblegarden Merchant if you are Horde, or Noblegarden Vendor if you are Alliance. To purchase the item you need to collect and open brightly coloured eggs, found in any of the four starting towns of your faction. Opening these eggs rewards Noblegarden Chocolate which is not only used for achievements, but also as the holiday currency.

When you collect the eggs, each one you open has a chance of giving you random items as well as the chocolate, so make sure you plan out how many you need in total first. One of the few guarantees of Noblegarden is that if you need to get enough chocolates for the mount or any of the achievement pieces, you will inevitably loot a rabbit or five. Usually when you aren’t looking. There is absolutely no point getting the 100 chocolates and buying a rabbit only to find you have five more by the time you’ve finished getting chocolates for the Swift Springstrider.

Two more things of note is the fact that the learned pet itself is in fact uncommon quality, rather than rare, and that the Spring Rabbit itself is required for the achievement Spring Fling (Horde), or Spring Fling (Alliance), which requires you to go around the four starting towns of your faction. This achievement is best done either with a friend who also has a rabbit, or at the start of the festival when many people will be at the villages with their own rabbits summoned and ready to go forth and multiply.

One of the biggest benefits of this particular rabbit, however, is the fact that it only comes in a pure speed breed. When you’re starting out pet battling this makes it not only one of the easiest pets to obtain for your collection, but also one of most useful. While a large chunk of the guides out there recommend the Grasslands Cottontail as the go-to rabbit due to having a high power stat compared to the rest of the rabbits, having to spend hours farming for an S/S breed can be intimidating. Having an easy-to-get speedy rabbit can make all the difference if you’re just starting out on your journey.

The main PvE strategies for rabbits rely on using a combination of Dodge and Burrow, with your choice of filler move in the first slot. A lot of strategies default to Flurry as the filler move, due to the chance of getting a third hit from the rabbit’s speed. With the extra speed from an S/S breed, your rabbit will almost always go first against tamer pets. This means you get an advantage from Dodge, in that your rabbit will be dodging two attacks due to having the first move. Used in conjunction with Burrow, you gain the ability to dodge a large number of your opponents’ hard-hitting moves, ensuring your rabbit lasts longer in a fight.

This remains true in PvP. However, you have to be careful how you use your rabbit, as your opponent will often try and trick you into using your avoidance on a smaller attack before they use their big attack. In this case, having the patience to go out and find a rabbit with a higher power stat, and using Adrenaline Rush for a speed boost can work better, as you will be able to go fast while dealing more damage. In that situation there is more of a choice between avoidance through Burrow, or increasing damage again by using Stampede. A lot of this depends on your personal play style, and what you find works best in your battles. Never be afraid to experiment in pet PvP; you learn more from your mistakes than your successes.

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