Holiday Pets: An Overview

With Noblegarden here, it’s time to look at holiday pets.

There are a number of holidays throughout the year that can give you a chance at some highly useful pets. Even if they aren’t the best in their group, a little guy can help out lots. As an added bonus, you can pick up a few silver from some of the quests floating around at these events.

Not all of the holidays are completely doable at really low levels. You might be able to get a Spring Rabbit on a character that is level 10 or lower, but if you join during a festival such as Hallow’s End you need to trek around all of Azeroth to get the holiday currency. While you can attempt this at low levels, you’ll find yourself dying often if you don’t have a friend who can help you out. Personally, I avoid those holidays on any character under level 60 simply because being able to fly around Azeroth takes so much pain out of that particular journey.

Wowhead keeps awesome guides for completing the holiday events, so make sure you check them out, since our focus is solely on what pets we can get.

Noblegarden Pets: Spring Rabbit, Mystical Spring Bouquet

Available from: Noblegarden Merchant/Noblegarden Vendor

Cost: 100 Noblegarden Chocolate each. Spring Rabbit’s Foot can also be looted from Brightly Colored Egg.

Info: Spring Rabbit is a strong starting critter due to its high speed stat and easy availability. It’s an easy way to avoid endless grinding if all you want is to get fighting.

The Bouquet cannot battle, but since you’re collecting eggs, you might as well get it at the same time.

Children's Week
Children’s Week Pets:

Any LevelRat Cage, Turtle Box, Snail Shell, Piglet’s Collar.
Level 60+Egbert’s Egg, Elekk Training Collar, Sleepy Willy, Legs.
Level 70+Curious Oracle Hatchling, Curious Wolvar Pup.

Info: Children’s Week has several quest chains: one located in Orgrimmar/Stormwind, one in Shattrath, and a choice of two in Northrend. You need a small amount of silver to be able to purchase items to complete the quests. The levels are simply recommended, and if you have a friend willing to help you, you can complete them at lower levels. Since you can get only one pet from each quest chain, it can pay to run multiple characters through the quest chains if you can.

The quest chains can be picked up from Orphan Matron Battlewail in Orgrimmar/Orphan Matron Nightingale in Stormwind,Orphan Matron Mercy in Shattrath and Orphan Matron Aria in Dalaran. Legs is a fairly powerful but often underestimated battle pet, and Scooter the Snail makes for an awesome starting snail, useful for several tamer fights. The Curious Oracle Hatchling is a quite decent humanoid in a similar vein to the Hopling pets.

Midsummer Fire Festival
Midsummer Fire Festival Pets: Spirit of Summer, Blazing Cindercrawler, Frigid Frostling.

Cost: 350 Burning Blossom, 350 Burning Blossom, Ice Chip (Random drop).

Info: This holiday involves traveling all around the bonfires to get Burning Blossoms, the currency of the event. A character can obtain enough blossoms for one pet from traveling through both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Traveling at level 60 means you can grab blossoms from Outland as well. However, it is possible to safely travel around the continents at level 50, while anyone under that faces potentially having to corpse run through areas if they don’t have a friend to help out. If you have a character capable of running the holiday dungeon, make sure you run them each day as the Frostling is a random drop from the reward bag.

Spirit of Summer makes for a good starting elemental with its Immolate and Conflagrate combination if you haven’t got a Fel Flame already, while Blazing Cindercrawler can potentially cause an opponent a large number of headaches with its heal.

Brewfest Pets: Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, Stout Alemental, Wolpertinger’s Tankard

Cost: 100, 200, 200 Brewfest Prize Token.

Info: Even if you’ve just arrived on your brand new level 1 character, this is one of the holidays in which you too can participate and get pets. The wolpertinger has a bonus in that, at least for US servers, he is also a quest reward. The wolpertinger is a fascinating and versatile critter, so is well worth picking up. The low-level dailies give you plenty of tokens, although you do need to spend a bit of time learning the best route for Brew For Brewfest/Brew For Brewfest. Once you have the route down, it is potentially possible for even a low-level character to earn enough tokens for both purchasable pets.

Hallow's End
Hallow’s End Pets:

Purchased: Sinister Squashling, Cursed Birman, Feline Familiar, Widget the Departed.

Cost: 150 Tricky Treat per pet.

Tamable: Ghastly Rat, Ghost Maggot, Spectral Spinner.

Obtained: Tamable in a garrison with the Creepy Crawlers decoration up.

Quest: Creepy Crate.

Obtained: Quest

Info: The four vendor pets can be a nuisance to get as, once again, you have to trek across the entirety of Azeroth. While there are daily quests to obtain some Tricky Treats, they don’t provide enough to get you a pet without traveling. The Sinister Squashling is lootable from the treat buckets so obtaining him is easier. The Squashling is part of one of my tamer strategies and is quite useful against mechanicals.

The Creepy Crate is easier to get: all you need is the silver to obtain some items later on in the chain. The first quest can be picked up from Candace Fenlow for Horde or Gretchen Fenlow for Alliance. The Creepy Crate is one of my mainstays for dealing with any tamer that uses humanoid pets.

The three tamable pets are available for level 3 garrisons. However, you can join a group through the group finder if you need to, and the decorations can be left up all year round.

Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead Pet: Macabre Marionette

Obtained: The Grateful Dead quest (race specific)

Info: This little guy is obtained by completing the Grateful Dead quest. This quest is race specific, so you will need to go to your race’s home city to complete it. You can also go to Dalaran or Shattrath. This Undead pet comes with a decent Humanoid ability, which makes him useful against Dragonkin.

Pilgrim's Bounty
Pilgrim’s Bounty Pets: Frightened Bush Chicken, Turkey Cage.

Obtained: Random reward, Achievement Reward

Info: If you don’t mind trekking between your faction’s capital cities each day, you can complete five daily quests. These quests give you the choice of several rewards, one of which is the Pilgrim’s Bounty, a bag that has a chance of containing the Frightened Bush Chicken, a handy flying type with a couple of nifty beast moves that can make it quite useful.

Plump Turkey is a reward from the Pilgrim achievement. Unless you’re already level 63 or higher when the holiday starts, you’re likely to end up with one of the easier-to-get turkeys before you complete the achievement. Having a turkey can be really useful if you’re fighting lots of water type pets.

Winter Veil
Feast of Winter Veil Pets: Green Helper Box, Snowman Kit, Jingling Bell, Red Helper Box, Rotten Helper Box,Lump of Coal, Grumpling.

Obtained: Mostly Presents!

Info: The two helpers, the snowman, and the reindeer have a chance of being looted from the Gaily Wrapped Present. This present becomes available to loot at level 20, and the presents are available from December 25. Random chance governs which pet you get, however. I have used the Tiny Snowman in a strategy for An Awfully Big Adventure.

Rotten Little Helper and Lumpy are both lootable from the Stolen Present, a reward from the daily quest You’re a Mean One…/You’re a Mean One…. This daily isn’t available until level 80, however.

Grumpling is lootable from piles of snow. These are found in the same area where you quest to get the Winter Veil decoration currency. This is a quick and easy yeti to get if you haven’t had much luck with getting the wild version you want.

Lunar Festival
Lunar Festival Pets: Lunar Lantern, Festival Lantern.

Cost: 50 Coin of Ancestry.

Info: These pets are faction specific, so to get both without spending gold, you’ll need a Horde character and an Alliance character of sufficient level to trek around Azeroth or a good friend with one of the two-person mounts. You will easily get all 50 coins before finishing Eastern kingdoms and Kalimdor. Aside from the different skins, these pets are very much the same, however. They can be quite useful as a beginning magic pet if you find yourself struggling to level your main team of pets. However, there a couple of wild pets that are easier to acquire with similar abilities and better stats that make these pets somewhat less relevant for pet battling.

Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air Pets: Lovebird Hatchling, Peddlefeet, Toxic Wasteling.

Obtained: 40 Love Token, 40 Love Token, Random drop from Heart-Shaped Box.

Info: It is easily possible to get enough tokens for both of the purchasable pets from only a few days of giving necklaces to your faction leaders. While it takes some time to collect the appropriate number of Lovely Charms for each necklace, you need only four days’ worth to be able to buy both pets, since each turn in awards you five charms. The quests can be obtained from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet in each of the four capitals. Peddlefeet can make a strong starting humanoid, and the Lovebird Hatchling gives you a critter with flying abilities. Both pets have options for a stun and an area of effect attack making them potentially quite useful for dealing with higher level pet battles.

The Toxic Wasteling is only available from the daily reward for beating the holiday boss, so you’re likely to find the wild ooze you want well before you get this guy. Having the extra ooze is no bad thing, however, and he’ll eat any small critters around you, making him quite useful if you’re trying to get the guild achievement Critter Kill Squad.

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