Tips for New Tamers: Breed Choice

Choosing Breeds

Some time back when the blog was only just getting going, I covered the topic of pet breeds briefly. While the post covers how to find out pet breeds and what they mean, it doesn’t go into any real depth on the subject of actually choosing a breed.

There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account when deciding what breed of pet you want. Whether you’re a PvE or PvP player determines a lot about which pets you will need, and if you like both, having a range of different breeds can also be beneficial.


For PvE it’s very easy to sit back and make a list of breeds you need. Often guides will give you a list and a strategy, pat you on the head and send you off to steamroll tamers. This is a strategy that really works only some of the time, however. For every person who finds success with a strategy, another person can’t get it to work no matter what, and two more don’t even have the pets recommended.

If you’re keen to work out how to defeat a tamer team by yourself, either because you just can’t find a strategy that works with what you have, or because it’s the start of an expansion and there are no guides, take the time to see what happens consistently in each battle.

If you’re getting close to beating the team but not quite, perhaps try a breed with at least one power stat boost. If that doesn’t work, or you need a P/P but it isn’t available for that particular pet, look to see if there are similar pets with the moves you need and a range of breeds more in line with what you need.


Since PvP is a far more fluid type of battle, where even the same opponent never fights the same way twice for the most part, you need to think far more carefully about what breed of pet you want. Some of this is dictated by what moves your pet has: a hard hitting move benefits most from power, for example, so having a pet with high power makes the best use of such a move. If you have a pet with a high percentage healing ability, having it with higher health means that, not only does the pet last longer, but when you do heal, you heal for more.

There are other things to consider as well. Undead, for example, are often preferred with high health because they last longer, and since they’re very slow anyway they’re most often going second. Since this is what people expect however, having an Undead with decent speed can make a reasonable difference to a fight.

It often pays to have multiple breeds of the same type of pet for PvP, as it allows you to switch out pets based on what sort of play is happening that day. It also gives room for you to experiment with what sort of teams work best for you.

When you do decide to go out breed hunting, always make sure you look carefully at all aspects of a pet. Focusing on health to take advantage of the Mechanical and Undead racial abilities, or speed to utilise the Flying racial are typical points to focus on, but it’s very important to not constantly choose a breed based on one or two factors alone. Looking at the full picture means you can take advantage of the abilities you want to use most, and means that if there are multiple ways to effectively fight with a pet, you can choose the best or even multiple best breeds for what you want to do.

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