Postcards from Azeroth – Darnassus

Yo dog! We heard you like trees, so we put trees in a tree, so… yeah, let’s stop right there.

The capital of the Night Elves, Darnassus lies at the very top of the world tree known as Teldrassil, occupying the western edge of it. Like many other night elf settlements, the city is characterised by its melding with nature. Trees are everywhere, though most of them are scattered around the edges of the city.

Access to Darnassus is much easier than one would think. A ‘portal tree’ provides two-way traffic between the city and Rut’theran Village at the base of Teldrassil. One may still take the flight path for a more scenic trip up/down the vast girth of the tree. The eastern gate allows travellers to head further into the massive arbor that is Teldrassil towards the town of Dolanaar.

Darnassus has several sections to it, connected by pathways over and around the lake that occupies a substantial amount of the city’s area.

Cenarion Enclave
Craftsmen's Terrace
Howling Oak
Home to the displaced Gilnean worgen Dar-HowlingOak
Temple Gardens
The buildings in the city are of particular interest, as nearly all of them are two-storeyed. The bank, however, is found in a tree grown to look like a bear with a bird perched atop it, symbolising two of the forms that druids may take on.Dar-Bank

Travel connections
  • Dolanaar
  • The Exodar and Hellfire Peninsula (portals in the Temple of the Moon)
  • Rut’theran Village (portal/flight)
  • Stormwind/Azuremyst Isle (ship)


Temple of the Moon
Dar-MoonTempleThe leaders of the Night Elves, Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage, reside here
Trademen's Terrace
Has the Auction HouseDar-TTerrace
Warrior's Terrace

Pet Vendor
In the courtyard area of the Warrior’s Terrace, just south of the road leading out to Dolanaar, one can find Shylenai, who offers the Great Horned Owl and Hawk Owl for 50 silver.
As in any city, all profession trainers may be found here, mostly situated in the Craftmen’s Terrace.

Class trainers are scattered around the city:

  • Cenarion Enclave – Druids, hunters, rogues (below ground)
  • Howling Oak – Warlock
  • Warrior’s Terrace – Warrior
  • Temple of the Moon – Mage, Paladin, Priest
  • Temple Gardens – Monk


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