Postcards from Azeroth – Argent Tournament Grounds

Almost at the roof of the world of Azeroth stands
the Argent Tournament Grounds.

ATSituated at the northeastern corner of Icecrown, the tournament offers combatants of the Horde and Alliance the opportunity to train for the final assault upon the Lich King’s stronghold, Icecrown Citadel.

The Grounds are extensive, divided into several areas:

Sunreaver Pavilion & Valiant's Ring (H)


Silver Covenant Pavilion & Valiant's Ring (A)

The Aspirants' Ring
The Argent Valiants' Ring
The Ring of Champions
The Crusaders' Coliseum

AT-JusticarAt level 77, players will get mail from Justicar Mariel Trueheart requesting that they present themselves at the Argent Tournament grounds. Once there, players will earn the right to champion their faction by doing daily quests, which increase in number as the player ascends through the ranks, from Aspirant to Valiant to Champion.

Once a player has reached Champion with their capital city, they may go on to repeat the process for the other capital cities. When a player is a Champion for all cities, and they are Exalted with them, they will earn the Crusader title. S/he then has to get Exalted with the Sunreavers or Silver Covenant. This unlocks the last set of dailies.

Doing every daily quest when they are unlocked will award a total of 14 Champion’s Seal, if Champion’s Purse is chosen as a reward. Three more may be earned from doing the Trial of the Champion dungeon*, giving a total of 17 each day. Note: one, ‘Threat from Above’, requires doing the Black Knight quest chain, starting with The Black Knight of Westfall? (A)/The Black Knight of Silverpine?(H) and ending with The Black Knight’s Fall.

* The player must first equip a lance, and hop on the appropriate mount before talking to the elf in the middle to start the fight. At this point s/he can dismount and switch back to their regular weapon. The first encounter can be tricky to solo, even at level 100, as the three bosses have a nasty habit of chain stunning the player. When the bosses run low on health, they will turn and run to try to refresh themselves, so DoTs are very useful here. When they’re defeated they will run to the gate, then reappear for one last stand.


  • Trial of the Champion
  • Trial of the Crusader — Must be defeated on Normal to unlock Heroic, which is then called the Trial of the Grand Crusader.


Profession vendors and trainers can be found along the northwestern edge of the Coliseum. The Sunreaver and Silver Covenant Pavilions each have six vendors, one for each of the cities, and one for the Argent faction. The Crusader’s Quartermaster can be found in the rectangular building east of the Ring of Champions.

In addition to the above, one may also purchase armor, heirlooms (and their upgrades) and per-character items such as the Argent Pony Bridle and Music Roll: The Argent Tournament.

Expect to be heartily sick of the snow by the time you’re done with earning Seals to purchase everything! It will take several weeks, if not months to unlock all the dailies and earn the vast number of Seals required. Have fun!


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