Tips for New Tamers: Legion Changes

For this week’s Tips we are going to be looking at the recent changes to pet battling that have arrived with the Legion pre-patch. Some of these changes have a fairly significant impact on pet battling, while others impact how we view the current max level content.

First and most importantly are the game play changes: has also discovered some changes that were not documented within the original discussion or the patch notes:

Additional Changes

There have been a large chunk of changes to Warlords tamers, and especially the menagerie.

Revive Battle Pets Spell
Garrison perks have been removed. This includes the perk from the Menagerie, Level 2 that previously reduced the cooldown of the Revive Battle Pets spell by half while in Draenor. The cooldown of this spell while in Draenor is once again 8 minutes. Please note that the tooltips do not reflect this change yet.

Menagerie Daily Pet Battle Quest
The daily pet battle quest in the pet Menagerie by Lio the Lioness is now account-wide. This means that it can only be completed once-per-account-per-day, instead of once-per-character-per-day. While many players originally assumed this was a glitch, the change has been confirmed as intentional. The confirmation was discovered in the German Technical Support forum in the official World of Warcraft forum here.

Pet Charms
Pet Charm rewards have been reduced by about 1/2 for Draenor Trainer and Garrison dailies. The values remain the same for Fel-Touched Pet Supplies at 1 or 2 per bag.

Pet PvP
Queued pet PvP matches now have a chance at rewarding Pet Charms.

Community Manager Nethaera recently posted about changes to the way CRZ works, and when rollovers happen for everything.

Legion Pre-Patch – Grouping and Reset Timer Changes

With Legion on the horizon, we wanted to let you know of an upcoming change that will open up additional grouping opportunities for players. As of the expansion pre-patch, players on North American, Latin American, and Oceanic realms will be able to group together in the open world no matter what realm their party or raid members are on. Players will also be able to see all available groups within the Group Finder, regardless of realm. This update will make it easier than ever for people to play together and group up for adventures like the new World Quests in Legion.

Additionally, reset timers for recurring in-game activities such as daily/weekly quests and raid/dungeon lockouts will be updated to a single unified lockout time of 15:00:00 UTC (8 a.m. PDT / 1 a.m. AEST) for all North American, Latin American, and Oceanic realms. This change will make it more convenient for players, as you will only need to keep track of one reset time. Weekly resets will occur on Tuesdays (early Wednesday mornings for Oceanic realms) at this time.

Community Manager

And in final changes, don’t forget to go to Dalaran: the new pet Nursery Spider is available from Breanni, and the Felbat Pup will be available from the Demon Invasion.

Please note that with the new CRZ changes, it gives us as a community an even better chance to help each other out. Use these changes to the best of your ability, whether it’s finding a friend their Minfernal, or getting together as a group to track down rare mounts, transmogs and pets.

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