Tips for New Tamers: Sternfathom’s Pet Journal

Pet Journal

With Legion launched and all the excitement of a new expansion, this month we shine the spotlight on a rather interesting toy.

image-1Sternfathom’s Pet Journal is a toy with the ability to summon a grand master pet tamer. This pet tamer has a weekly, account-wide quest. The quest, Shipwrecked Captive, awards 4 Pet Charms. While the reward is low, this is a portable tamer capable of being fought with carry teams.

Any time you’re in Azsuna you can summon the tamer, so it’s a quest able to be done on your way to (or in the middle of) a world quest. You do have to mind the terrain, but a short cooldown makes it easily fixable if you summon him somewhere you can’t initiate a battle.image-2-sternfathoms-journal-map

image-3-sternfathoms-journal-mini-mapThe item itself is easy to find. When you first go to Azsuna you will land at the Illidari Stand flight point. The treasure chest containing the pet journal is barely any distance away from this flight point, right on the edge of Shipwreck Arena.

Follow the path from Illidari Stand east past the main road south. There is a junction a small distance away, with the south path heading down into Shipwreck Cove past an area of hollowed-out cliff. In the middle of this cliff tunnel will usually be a named mob, Slavehunter Zannesh, standing next to a small treasure chest.

image-4-sternfathoms-journal-mobKill the mob and then loot the chest to obtain the pet journal. When you learn the toy, make sure to favourite it so you can find it on whichever character you happen to have in Aszuna at the time.


The Shipwrecked Captive Tamer itself has a short spawn time, so you may need to resummon it after the fight in order to turn in your weekly quest.

You will be fighting against Scuttles (aquatic), Kiazor the Destroyer (Critter) and Clamps (undead), all level 25 epic pets. I’ve seen a couple carry teams for higher level carries, and have heard of a level 8 being carried; however, your mileage may vary.


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