Repping with Leashes – The Oracles

The Oracles

We’ve already visited some of what Wrath has to offer us in the form of pets through the Argent Tournament.

image1tamaraWe also have the in-depth series on the Kalu’ak:

Who else in Northrend offers us some friendly new pets?

The Oracles of Sholazar Basin.

If you’re starting this off as a fresh level 76+ you’ll want to pick up the quest “The Part-time Hunter” from Tamara Wobblesprocket at 50, 62 in Sholazar Basin.

image2flightpointrelationIf you don’t use a location addon, she’s really close to the River’s Heart flight point for Alliance.

This leads you on a merry introductory quest chain where you meet the two factions of Sholazar, the Frenzyheart and the Oracles.

The quest you’re watching for to start your journey with the Oracles is “A Hero’s Burden”.

You go into the cave on your mission, you kill the mean Artruis, and as you do so you save the Oracle representative. If you accidentally kill your “big tongue” friend, abandon the quest and start it again.

image3geenNow, it’s time for their dailies until you’re at least Revered.

At Revered you can now buy the “Mysterious Egg” from Geen.

You have to sit on this egg for three literal real world days before it hatches into one of a few items.

Reins of the Green Proto-Drake


This is very much a battle of your luck and the random number generator at this point forward.

Naturally, the egg is unique so you can carry only one at a time.

Good luck!


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