Throwback Thursday – Ammunition

Arrows and bullets. Does anyone remember those? I don’t, because I didn’t start playing WoW until the very end of Cataclysm.

thoridal-equippedYes, before Deathwing stormed across the world, hunters had to use ammunition for their ranged weapons. Whether it was a bow or crossbow, or a gun, they always had to have stacks of ammunition in their bags. No dungeon or raid was complete without a hunter failing to make sure that s/he had restocked on bullets or arrows before entering.

Ammunition could be bought from vendors in stacks of 200, but in one’s inventory they would stack to 1000. Given the small size of the bags, and having to have one specifically for ammo, a large stack size would have been a godsend.

There were many different arrows and bullets available, giving different boosts to DPS depending on their quality. A Rough Arrow or Light Shot provided just +1.5 points of increased damage, but it ranged up to the level 80 Iceblade Arrow or Shatter Rounds which provided a massive +91.5 points.

Various ways of obtaining ammo were available: from vendors (often with a reputation requirement), as quest rewards, dungeon drops, and players with Engineering. Depending on the server economy, crafting ammunition was a viable way to earn gold.

thoridal-on-the-wallAmmunition was required by all ranged hunter weapons except one — the legendary Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury, a low-chance drop from Kil’jaeden, the final boss of the Burning Crusade raid Sunwell Plateau. It had a sparkly effect when it fired its magically-conjured arrows.

With the removal of all ammunition in Cataclysm, DPS stats became part of the weapons themselves, and Thori’dal’s unique ability was no longer unique. It is still, however, a beautiful bow to behold. Those hunters who have not managed to acquire it can see it hanging on the wall in Trueshot Lodge, the class order hall for Hunters in the Broken Isles.


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