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image-1Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Legion so far.

This month we’re taking a look at Obalis, the Grand Master Tamer out in Uldum.

I think the hardest things about his team are Pyth’s Vicious Fang and Spring’s Moth Dust, which is annoying from any enemy pet. Clatter doesn’t really have anything super difficult to counter.

The most important thing I would watch out for is when Spring’s Cocoon Strike is off cooldown. That’s when I prefer to use the Shell Shield for my snail, since an attack wouldn’t hit that round anyway. I messed that up in the video, and it turned out okay, but it’s something to watch for. I also picked a snail to go up against Spring because Critters are immune to the crowd control-type abilities, such as Moth Dust, so even though it still might hurt, at least I know I won’t lose a turn.

My Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Cogblade Raptor S/S Batter Overtune Exposed Wounds
Silkbead Snail H/S Ooze Touch Shell Shield Headbutt
Alpine Foxling S/S Bite Howl Dazzling Dance
Obalis’ Team
Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3
Pyth Poison Fang Counterstrike Vicious Fang
Spring Slicing Wind Cocoon Strike Moth Dust
Clatter Flank Hiss Apocalypse

Move breakdown from the video

Cogblade Raptor vs. Pyth

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Cogblade Raptor vs. Spring

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Silkbead Snail vs. Spring

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Silkbead Snail vs. Clatter

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Alpine Foxling vs. Clatter

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