Creature Feature: Feline Familiar

Creature Feature – Feline Familiar

Feline Familiar
Possible Breed: P/B
Stats: Health: 1221 Power: 322 Speed: 289
Slot 1: Onyx Bite Pounce
Slot 2: Stoneskin Call Darkness
Slot 3: Devour Prowl

With Halloween just around the corner, we take the time to look at one of the most awesome and unique cats in the game. Feline Familiar has multiple unique abilities not shared with any other cat available. When compared to Calico Cat, also only available in a P/B breed, it has a higher power stat, although its health is rather lower as well.

Feline Familiar has been a favourite of pet battlers for multiple reasons over the expansions. However, it is really making a name for itself now in Legion, with the Family Familiar achievement. It’s not surprising, really, to see in Xu-Fu’s available strategies for the Beast achievement that the Feline Familiar features in roughly half of them.

Part of the reason for this is the Familiar’s flexibility in being able to deal with teams. Got a bird on the opposing team? No problem! Onyx Bite hits hard against it. Boost it with Prowl first and you’re potentially two-shotting any flyer you come across.

Stoneskin means that while it has comparably slightly less health, it doesn’t matter as much because you can block some of the incoming damage, letting you stay up a that little bit longer. Alternatively, Call Darkness means you can introduce a chance for your enemy to miss you when they attack, and if confronted by a pet with a heal, you can reduce the amount of healing they take, making the opposing pet die just that little bit faster.

Overall not only is the Feline Familiar a powerhouse among kitties, but it’s also the perfect pet for going trick or treating. Have fun!

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