Creature Feature: Mr. Bigglesworth

Creature Feature –¬†Mr. Bigglesworth

Mr. Bigglesworth
Possible Breed: S/S
Stats: Health: 1400 Power: 260 Speed: 325
Slot 1: Claw Pounce
Slot 2: Ice Barrier Frost Nova
Slot 3: Ice Tomb Howling Blast

Mr. Bigglesworth is one of the most unique cats in the game. He comes into your care by obtaining the Raiding with Leashes¬†achievement. A fitting thing given you very probably murdered his previous slave, Kel’Thuzad, multiple times while in the process of obtaining the pets required for the achievement.

Mr. Bigglesworth brings not only all the poise of the most evil of super-villain cats, but he is capable of bringing a massive brain freeze to any who dare go against him. Ice Barrier can buy you time against an opponent so Ice Tomb can be launched, while Frost Nova can hold a pet in battle and increase the damage done to them with Howling Blast.

He also has the bonus of being able to deal with pesky critters that would usually give you quite a bit of trouble, and he’s been proven to be capable of soloing one of the Celestial Tournament boss pets.

One thing to be mindful of when using Ice Barrier is that it will absorb your own attacks as well as the opponent’s. This can be useful for swapping out to a different pet or getting a time delay attack going, but you will also find times where passing is an option you need to take. If you break your barrier you are essentially handing your opponent a free hit, and with Mr. Bigglesworth’s high speed, there’s a good chance he will be getting a lot of first attacks.

This pretty little kitty is well worth the time you need to take to gather all the other pets, and has the added bonus of counting towards the Crazy for Cats achievement. Alongside this, several of the pets needed for the Raiding with Leashes achievement have become staples of carry teams and general strategy teams. Well worth the time you need to invest in this achievement.

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