Happy 2-Year Anniversary A3!

December 1st through December 31st

To celebrate turning 2 years old A3 is hosting a multitude of giveaways, events, and games. Don’t miss out on the fun and prizes!


30 Days of Giveaways
Toys for Tamers
Twitter Giveaway
Facebook Giveaway
Discord Giveaway


Crossword Puzzle
Pet Pop Quiz
Pictures for Pets
Tamer Word Jumble

Thank You From The A3 Team!

From Wakamaru
Azeroth Adoption Agency has sure hellcattanniv.jpgcome a long way! It started off as a tiny group of forum-goers and 1 bank tab and has expanded into its own community with 6 adoption tabs and 21 storage banks! In the last year, the agency appears to have slowed down, but that’s actually not true. The fact of the matter is that the more pets we give away, the fewer people need us, so they don’t come around as much. The people are still there, though, lurking in the background for something new and interesting. This was really apparent during our last anniversary where we had over 60 unique participants in that event’s festivities. This is easily seen any time new pets are introduced to the game and inevitably make their way into the A3 adoption community thanks to our donors.

Adoption is a large part of A3, but more important than the adoptions are the donations. Without the generous and thoughtful donations of our members, this project simply wouldn’t be able to survive. Without the donors, we wouldn’t have crossed the 6,000 pets rehomed mark on November 28th. A3 may connect the dots between the donors and adopters, but it’s important to remember that one wouldn’t exist without the other. Similarly, if we didn’t have adopters there wouldn’t be space for donations, nor would there be a use for donations. I would like to thank both the donors and adopters in this community for being here!

The community itself has continued to grow in some exciting ways, first beginning on a Battle.net Friends List, then to its own forum, then to various social media, and now onto Discord. The addition of Discord has been really exciting. It’s wonderful getting to chat and goof around with fellow members who you would otherwise miss out on getting to know because you were separated by a difference in servers or factions. Hearing about everyone’s in-game antics, families, real life happenings, and more really does help to create an even greater sense of community. I would like to thank everyone who contributes to A3 in a community fashion! You make this project so much more fun and interesting.

The team has also grown quite a bit since this time last year. Last year we were still treading uncertain waters with how the team operated – or how certain people didn’t operate. Finding that balance between friend and team leader has been a struggle for me. Sometimes having to be that team leader has led to the loss of potential friends, friends who wanted to join the team to have fun but not actually work as hard as they should. Other times being the team leader has strengthened the bonds of friendship – and for those friendships, I am truly grateful. Our team is currently in a position where it pretty much operates exactly as it should with people behaving and working responsibly and communicating well with one another. I really look forward to continuing to improve in this area personally, but also seeing how much farther the team comes along in the next year.

The team and leaders are just as important as the donors after all. Without these people, A3 would be scaled down to a much smaller project. We wouldn’t have events, we wouldn’t have multiple tabs for adoptions, we wouldn’t have the blog or social media, and we wouldn’t have the support we need to get through the bumpy patches. I would really like to thank the team for all of their hard work and support!

I hope in the next year we can continue to grow as we have always done in the past. I look forward to where we’ll be this time next year!

From FlameFlash
Happy second anniversary everWoWScrnShot_111316_081816.jpegyone! It’s amazing what a year makes. I’m still very much a pet noob, but this place has been a fantastic group to learn from, get support, and help others.

I’m still amazed that I found it through a simple tweet. Without this group I’m not even sure I’d be subbed to WoW, so thanks for that. :p 😉 But really, it helped unlock an aspect of the game that I never appreciated, and I hope that our enthusiasm and love of this aspect can continue to help all of you.

Since it’s the second anniversary, and that is traditionally cotton, let’s see your sheep pet selfies! 😀

From Sandwalker
Two years already? It doesn’t seem too long since the first anniversary.

A lot has happened over the past year. One of the most significant is the adoption of Discord for communication, allowing guild members to chat with each other without having to be in-game. This is particularly good for the staff, as Discord’s voice chat feature is simpler and more reliable than Skype, which gave us a lot of connection and audio issues, so now we can do business and gasbag for hours without fear of people dropping out (or being unable to join because Skype hasn’t updated itself).

I also climbed aboard the Twitter bandwagon. I didn’t think I’d use it all that much, but it’s a far easier way to record achievements (some of them, at least), and I do like to submit occasional screenshots that I feel like sharing. #A3pix needed some love, so I’m helping to contribute to it. ^.^

A3 is all about pets, and I have to admit that I collect them, but don’t much like leveling them up. Thank goodness I have at least one person in A3 who loves battling, so I can hand off the cageable pets and get them back fully leveled (and often made rare quality). I keep staring at the non-cageable ones and thinking, ‘I’ll get around to it one day.’

One of the things I’ve enjoyed is competitions. I usually forget to enter them, but I have also run a couple myself. I enjoy doing and running scavenger hunts, and I look forward to running another sometime.

I also enjoy contributing to the blog, though with any writing, it can be difficult to get started when one’s faced with the proverbial blank page. I get there in the end, though!

Here’s to another year of A3! *clinks glass*

From Piwakawaka
It’s hard to believe two years have been and gone. There’s been a lot of changes happening over the year. Some of our first staff members have left, and others have stepped up to help out. We have had to say farewell Rusti, the founder of this group, from our ranks when she was offered a wonderful real world opportunity. In turn, I was offered the opportunity to step up and take a leadership role, supporting Wakamaru with the running of A3.

One of the best changes, however, has been the addition of our Discord Server. While our members are scattered across many different servers, both US and Oceanic, Discord has managed to bring us together as a guild in ways that were never envisaged when it was first set up. Discord is so much more direct and accessible than a social media format such as twitter.

Because of it, not only do we now have members helping each other find pets, we have them setting up groups. It could be dungeon runs, Overwatch groups, or even Heroes of the storm groups to help people get graves. We have people leveling together, farming together, and having fun together.

When it started, A3 was only a place to get pets. Over time we came to know our more active forum members better, but we never felt as though we were a guild. A community, certainly, and friends were found, but the closeness of a guild was missing. We had our own things to do. Today, with Discord, despite servers, despite different factions, we have found that.

With all the changes that have happened, with where we are now compared to this time last year, I can’t help but look forward to the next years challenges and triumphs. If this is what we can achieve in one year, what will we achieve in the next? Hopefully with fewer staff changes and random technical behind the scenes challenges. Wakamaru is truly amazing when it comes to keeping the impact of random things to an absolute minimum.

From Astrae
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the members of A3. You all are the reason that the team exists! We all love to see pets go to people that need them, so thank you so much for giving us a reason to keep going with this guild. I truly enjoy what I do for the guild, and adopting out pets to members who need them always puts a smile on my face!
From Ehly
You know what’s funny? When I first heard about A3, I was so sure it was a scam (some kind of click-bait, malware kind of thing) that I didn’t even investigate. (Seriously, who just gives away pets?) Several months later, a guildie who was also a pet collecting fanatic told me about this great group he belonged to and I realized that I’d missed out on several months of fun (and pets).

Happy Birthday, A3!

From Jedikitten
Hello all!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since the Agency was started. Ever since I’ve joined, the helpfulness and friendliness of this community has been amazing. This past year has been full of fun new things happening both in-game and in our community. The launch of Legion coupled with the launch of our Discord server has only further helped to build this sense of community, so that, even if we’re not all playing on the same faction or server, we still feel like we’re in it together.

The continued generosity of our members through donation drives and the occassional surprises is so uplifting. I think it says a lot about the people in this community that, even when there are no longer pets that they need in our adoption tabs, they still stick around and go in search of harder to find pets to donate, or group up in game with other members to run dungeons, or quest, or whatever, or even group up to play other games like Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch during special events.

I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of this community, and am looking forward to seeing what the coming year holds in store for us all.

Happy Anniversary Azeroth Adoption Agency!!


We just want to take a moment to acknowledge those that worked on this event to make everything possible! Thank you all!

  • A3ers – Donating pets to make the entire project possible since 2015!
  • FlameFlash – Cotton anniversary idea
  • Jedikitten – Word Jumble creation
  • Piwakawaka – Waka’s right-hand helper ❤
  • Piwakawaka, OzinLA, FlameFlash – Entry questions
  • Sandwalker – Crossword puzzle creation and event editing
  • Jedikitten, Piwakawaka, Sandwalker, Shegrah, Smadronia, Ssparkles – Prize contribution ❤
  • Shegrah – Massive prize contribution
  • Wakamaru – Event/game creation, planning, and overall design, giveaway arrangements and content creation.

And a very special shoutout to SHEGRAH who put a ton of time and effort into farming so many prizes! Thank you for paying special attention to things we’ve never before been able to offer to A3ers!

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