Creature Feature: Lumpy

Creature Feature – Lumpy

Possible Breed: H/B
Stats: Health: 1546 Power: 273 Speed: 273
Slot 1: Stone shot Stone rush
Slot 2: Sandstorm Rupture
Slot 3: Rock Barrage Quake

Lumpy has the same moveset as the ever elusive Pebble. The main difference between the two is Lumpy has higher power and speed but less health. Personally, I find Pebble has the prettier skin. However, the fact Lumpy is a sentient piece of coal you get for Christmas makes for plenty of cute.

To obtain this little guy you need about five years of good luck. He drops from Stolen Presents, a quest reward for the daily holiday quest You’re a mean one!. If you have the luck you’ll find in your present a Lump of Coal. While the Lump of Coal is traditionally a punishment for naughty children in various Santa Claus myths, this fellow undoes every parent’s threat ever by making pet collectors actually want to find a lump of coal in their present.

Lumpy is the fastest rock elemental with this moveset and can be incredibly deadly to mechanical pets. He also has some versatility in that Quake is a mechanical move, and so can do some decent damage to beasts as well. One of the biggest issues with the move options is that it is very easy to have all your abilities on cooldown if you don’t pay attention to the order you use your abilities. Of all of them, only Stone Shot doesn’t have a cooldown.

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