Repping with Leashes – Arakkoa Outcasts

Arakkoa Outcasts

The next Warlords faction I’m going to hit is the Arakkoa Outcast because, like the Cartel, they have a garrison Bind-on-Account reputation item: Relic of Rukhmar.

Therefore, the most effective way to get them to Revered (that’s all you need for the pet) is to ensure you’ve received the Spires questing achievement Between Arak and a Hard Place and then stockpile the relics from your alts’ garrisons. Naturally, you could also hit the auction house and grab the Medallion of the Legion or find them in Tanaan Jungle off the rares.

If your singular goal is the pet, your job is going to be pretty quick and painless thanks to those reputation items.

Son of Sethe is the pet you can buy at Revered.

Yeah, it gives me flashbacks to that boss in Sunken Temple too.

One obnoxious thing about this pet is that it’s unique, so you can only learn one (or hold one) so it’s not really the best pet to buy up and try to resell.

If you’re willing to move on and pursue Exalted, be sure to 100% do all the quests, even after the achievement, because you can then unlock the title Mantle of the Talon King/Queen off the achievement.

Finally, they have a mount at Exalted that may look familiar to players from Burning Crusade: Shadowmane Charger.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this faction since Legion started and Warlords has moved to older content, but this should still be the most straightforward faction of Warlords.

Good luck!

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