Repping with Leashes – The Lorewalkers

The Lorewalkers

The Lorewalkers, as the name suggests, are a faction of Pandaren whose goal is to learn everything about Pandarian history. Lorewalker Cho is the head of the faction. Players questing through the early Pandarian content initially meet him at Pang’s Stead, after crossing the bridge between the Jade Forest and the Valley of the Four Winds. If players go through his quest chain (if they can make it past Muddy Water, which is one of the most frustrating quests in the game), they’ll eventually finish at the Stormstout Brewery, whereupon they must go inside to see what’s going on.

As far as reputation goes, the Lorewalkers are possibly the easiest faction with which to become Exalted. All that is required is exploring the continent of Pandaria, and locating the various items that make up a complete story. With flight, it’s possible to get Exalted in about an hour. At this point, players can go visit Tan Shin Tiao in the Seat of Knowledge, which is at the top of the Mogu’shan Palace, situated between the Horde and Alliance shrines in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The lore items are scrolls hidden all across Pandaria. They glow with a blue sparkly nimbus until they’re clicked for the first time. The storylines that can be discovered are as follows:

  • The Ballad of Liu Lang
  • Between a Saurok and a Hard Place
  • The Dark Heart of the Mogu
  • Fish Tails
  • Gods and Monsters
  • Heart of the Mantid Swarm
  • Hozen in the Mist
  • Rumbles of Thunder
  • The Seven Burdens of Shaohao
  • The Song of the Yaungol
  • What is Worth Fighting For
  • The Zandalari Prophecy

GPS co-ordinates for the scrolls for each section can be easily found on other sites, so I won’t list them here. Besides, if you really like exploring, then that’d take the fun out of it.

There are no rewards at lower reputation levels, aside from the Grand Commendation of the Lorewalkers and Music Roll: Song of Liu Lang for the garrison jukebox at Revered.

The mount one can get at Exalted is the Disc of the Red Flying Cloud, which isn’t particularly flash. On the other hand, it is very cheap at only 500 gold. Other rewards are the tabard and a variety of archaeology-enhancing items.


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