Additional 7.2 Battle Pet News

There were a number of expected updates for pet battlers in the recent 7.2 patch, but we also noticed a few that weren’t expected.

Auction House

The “Companion Pets” section of the Auction House, previously located under the Miscellaneous section, is now located at the bottom of the Battle Pets section. The Companion Pets section includes pets that haven’t been learned and caged and pet-related toys.

Lio the Lioness and Serr’ah

Lio the Lioness and Serr’ah now sell Ultimate Battle-Training Stones for 45 Pet Charms. Lio and Serr’ah can be found in your Garrison’s Pet Menagerie and Dalaran. There is no limit to the amount of these that you can buy; they are not unique, and they do not stack (so beware bag space).

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