Repping with Leashes – Klaxxi

The Klaxxi

The southwestern section of the land of Pandaria is dark and depressing, tainted by the Sha to such an extent that even the sky is affected by the black and white effects. These are the Dread Wastes, home to the mantid-like race of the Klaxxi.

Players will encounter them sooner or later — unless they skip through Pandaria as soon as possible. A quest at each faction’s Shrine will prompt the player to the Serpent’s Spine wall, at the western edge of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, where another quest will send them down the wall into the Dread Wastes to deal with a minor spider problem. It isn’t long before a Klaxxki adjutant is encountered on the cusp of death. He charges the player with awakening a Klaxxi Paragon, a champion from a past era of Klaxxi glory. After feeding him, the Paragon flies the player to Klaxxi’vess, the major hub for the region. It is from here that the player will set out to awaken each of the various Paragons. As quests are done, reputation with the Klaxxi is built up.

The Klaxxi are not everyone’s cup of tea (or beverage of choice), so it can be a difficult slog to complete the storylines. It takes a fair amount of time to work through the quests, but by the end of it the player should be Honored, and a number of dailies will be unlocked. Completing these quests award 130 reputation each. Players can also turn in Dread Amber Shards x5 for Seeds of Fear. The shards are an uncommon drop from almost anything in the zone. Other dailies quests can be revealed by killing elite NPCs near particular quest hubs in the zone. Reputation can also be gained through Stolen Klaxxi Insignia that may drop from killing Zandalari Warscouts or Warbringers. At level 100 or higher, these mobs are easily killed and can be found all around Pandaria. They will often also drop bags of crafting materials and insignia for other factions.

As Paragons are woken up, they can provide a buff to the player while in the zone. For someone who might not be well geared, the buffs can be considerably helpful.

As players unlock reputation levels, they will be able to obtain a large number of items — 458 blue and 489 purple armour at Neutral, blacksmithing plans at Honored, the Grand Commendation of the Klaxxi at Revered, and 463 blue weapons at Exalted. Also at Exalted, the Reins of the Amber Scorpion can be bought.

Though the storylines take a while to work through, the developments as they progress is certainly interesting, so it’s worth doing the quests for the twist at the end.


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