Repping with Leashes – Sha’tari Defense / Laughing Skull

Sha’tari Defense/Laughing Skull

It’s two for one time at Repping with Leashes!

Well, actually it’s Horde v Alliance again for Warlords content. Like I’ve mentioned before, Warlords loves the rep grind aspect and these two garrison Trading Post related reputations are no different.

Now that we’re in Legion, not having a trading post, in my opinion, would be folly so if you haven’t gotten one up and running yet on your reputation main, now is the time.

It wouldn’t hurt to push your trading post to level three, actually, for the base 20% bonus reputation bonus. To get that, you’ll need the Savage Friends achievement. Feel free to hit the guides from before to grab this one, or else that handy Medallion of the Legion is just a lucky garrison mission away (or Tanaan farm).

I have to admit, I haven’t pursued these two factions yet myself, mostly due to that dreaded grind aspect.

Sha’tari wants you to go to Shattrath (Draenor) or Bladefury Hold, both in Talador.
Meanwhile, Laughing Skull wants you to focus your attention on Gorgrond’s Pit of Gorgrond or Everbloom Wilds.

So what do these two grinds give our intrepid pet hunters? The Sky Fry and Bone Wasp!

For your troubles, you’ll need 1k gold and 2k Apexis Crystals for both factions if you’re going alone, but once you’re done, you have two new friends for all your troubles.

If you want to go ahead and push to Exalted for either of these factions, you’ll have mounts and tabards in your future!

The other various reputation items:

Good luck and happy grinding.

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