200th Post & Summer Giveaway!

Hi all, Jedikitten here! In honor of our 200th blog post, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved with the blog for all their hard work and dedication, especially Flameflash, Sandwalker and Wakamaru, without whom none of this would be possible. I am also eternally grateful to our past authors Piwakawaka, Astrae, Lunadaat and Smadronia, who helped us get the blog off the ground.

I would also like to thank you, our readers, for supporting us and keeping us motivated to produce more content. In addition to our normal posts, we have expanded to include a guides section. Feel free to check it out here. If you have any ideas for new blog posts or guides, don’t hesitate to let us know either on our forum, on Twitter @A3pets, or in our Discord. We’re always looking for new ideas or for information you might find helpful in your daily wanderings about Azeroth and beyond.

Also, the blog is participating in A3’s Summer Giveaway event. Here on Reading with Leashes we’re giving away a Gusting Grimoire. The entry form can be found below or here. Be sure to check out our other Summer Giveaways on Twitter @A3petsDiscord, and, on our main site, in our weekly newsletter, the Pawprint Press, as well as our Fowl Play event, which is full of chicken-themed games and prizes, including a Rocket Chicken! Be sure to check out the event’s full details here.

The Summer Giveaways are open to everyone. The Fowl Play games and prizes are available to A3 members only. For more information on joining the A3 community click here.

August 13th – August 26th

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