Postcards from Outland – Toshley’s Station

Toshley’s Station

Did you notice the title graphic? That’s right, for the next few months, we’ll be featuring bucolic locations throughout Outland, from the sweeping plains of Nagrand, to the fel-infused barrens of Shadowmoon Valley, to the intensely purple remnants of Netherstorm.

Our first foray into Outland visits the small Alliance settlement of Toshley’s Station, inhabited entirely by gnomes (which would make for a great punting opportunity for a tauren tribe or two.) Much of the station references Star WarsStarship Troopers and Star Trek, such as the station’s name (Tosche Station, on Tatooine), a gnome named Razak Ironsides (referencing Lieutenant Rasczak from SsT), and the teleportation engineer Smiles O’Byron (referencing Miles O’Brien on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine).

There isn’t much to do here, with only fourteen quests available, but they do take some time to complete (particularly if one is an appropriate level for the zone). Some of them involve being shot into the air, so if one’s wary of heights, these quests aren’t for you.

The quest Picking Up Some Power Converters, offered by Toshley himself, starts a short chain that culminates in the player being rewarded Power Converter. The toy’s description alludes to Luke Skywalker’s desire to enroll in the Imperial Academy to become a pilot. The ‘technological terror constructs’ refers to the Death Star. The toy’s name itself references what Luke was travelling to Tosche Station to pick up.

Around the village one will see small mechanical raptors. These are Cogblade Raptors, and are capturable. See [PET LINK] for more information about these little battery-drainers.


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