Repping with Leashes – Hand of the Prophet & Vol’jin’s Headhunters

Hand of the Prophet
Vol’jin’s Headhunters

Welcome to Tanaan Jungle, or World Quests 1.0.

After the introduction quests here, it’s time to start repping up so you can fly.

Sadly, neither of these faction-related factions actually offer pets, but they do offer transmog, toys and a mount. The quest to fly will help you get around Warlords content though, which is valuable for pet taming.

You’ll head in to the table to pick up your initial quest.

While you’re there, don’t forget to also say hello to Parvik or Nimi too.

Once you fill up the Warlords bar, head back and your faction quartermaster will have another quest or two for you to do. Usually, it involves going right back out and filling more Warlords blue bars.

If you’re Alliance, he’s also going to be selling you a cloth transmog set (only if you wear cloth), and Hordeside you’ll see a leather transmog set (again, only if you can wear leather). So, as you’re planning your adventure into Tanaan, this will hopefully help you plan which character to take.

Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery{Packaged Ceremonial Karabor Finery}
Battlegear of the Frostwolves{Battlegear of the Frostwolves}

Now, the toy that is offered is a bit more universal. In fact, when you buy the toy on one character and faction it appears to show up on the other side. Of course, you need to have the right reputation (revered) to be able to use it, so don’t get too excited.

Karabor Councilor’s Attire{Karabor Councilor’s Attire}
Frostwolf Grunt’s Battlegear{Frostwolf Grunt’s Battlegear}

Finally, at exalted, both will offer you a Deathtusk Felboar{Deathtusk Felboar}.

As always, if you’re impatient, you could go to the auction house for some Medallions of the Legion{Medallion of the Legion} but that will to cost you!

You “only” need to get to revered if you’re here just to fly.

Good luck!

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