Throwback Thursday – Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story

The World of Warcraft Story

World of Warcraft has a long history, and many things have been added or removed, keeping the game ‘fresh’. Also keeping the game fresh (and the developers busy) is the WoW community.

Some of the more talented people of the community have, over the years, created works of art based on our favourite Azerothian game, from stories and books, to pictures (SFW or otherwise), and animations using the game assets.

One such animation is Pepitoz, the World of Warcraft Story, which was uploaded to YouTube in August 2007 by Rurikar, who made a number of machinima back in the day. It is the story of a poor gnome who can’t quite make it into the more well-off layer of society. He meets the love of his life, but then she comes down with an illness, and he can’t afford the healthcare… so he ends up almost naked trying to sell cats to people. It is an amusing, quite tongue-in-cheek animation. Try offering cats in Trade chat for 50 MSK, and see if anyone picks up on the reference.

This video was ‘filmed’ in-game at the height of The Burning Crusade, thus making it something of a retrospective — people are wearing old gear, the landscape is unchanged, and gnomes are still short.


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