Postcards from Outland – Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley in Outland is wildly different to its counterpart in Warlords of Draenor. Instead of a lush twilight-lit pastoral landscape, with an ancient orc burial ground in the centre, and the magnificent edifice of the Temple of Karabor at the eastern edge, Outland’s version is mostly a blasted wasteland of rock and fel-green lava, dominated by the volcano known as the Hand of Gul’dan, and the Black Temple, formerly the Karabor temple.

Shrewd geographers will notice some similarities between certain locations in both versions of Shadowmoon Valley:

Shadowmoon Village Lunarfall (Alliance garrison)
Wildhammer Stronghold Shaz’gul
Legion Hold Gul’var
Altar of Sha’tar Elodor
Hand of Gul’dan Shadowmoon Burial Ground
Black Temple Temple of Karabor
Dragonmaw Fortress Shimmer Moor
Netherwing Ledge Darktide Roost

There are four settlements in this zone: Shadowmoon Village (H), Wildhammer Stronghold (A), Altar of Sha’tar (Aldor) and the Sanctum of the Stars (Scryer). The last two require at least Friendly reputation in order to use the flight master.

There are a lot of quests available, with at least three long, time-consuming quest chains:

  • The Cipher of Damnation: Completing this chain allows players to obtain the Staff of the Redeemer, a lookalike for that wielded by Prophet Velen.
  • Netherwing: Completing this chain unlocks daily quests, allowing players to earn reputation with the Netherwing faction, and obtain Netherwing drake mounts. (Note: the Netherwing Eggs can also drop off Netherspite in the old Karazhan raid.)
  • Black Temple: Completing this very long chain awards players with the Blessed Medallion of Karabor, providing a handy teleport to the Black Temple for future runs. Originally for attunement to the raid, this chain requires entering Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye (Tempest Keep) as well, and there is a lot of flying up and down Outland. Note: It is required to side with either the Aldor or the Scryers in order for the starting quest, Tablets of Baa’ri (Aldor) or Tablets of Baa’ri (Scryers), to become available. This, unfortunately, means you’ll have to waste about 8.5 minutes of your life following Khadgar’s Servant for City of Light.

Petwise, there isn’t much here, although Fel Flames are very prevalent around the Hand of Gul’dan. These pets can also be picked up in Tanaan Jungle on Draenor at a higher level if one’s willing to wait (or has at least a level 100 alt). More information at this blog link.


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