Postcards from Outland – Zangarmarsh


Zangarmarsh is certainly the wettest zone of Outland. Formerly the Zangar Sea, it is now a large area of soggy marshes, populated by huge mushroom-like plants, leggy fen-striders, bog monsters, spore bats, basilisks, and ogres. There is also a substantial presence of Naga forces here, seeking to drain the marshes for whatever their ruler Lady Vashj has planned.

A few settlements exist — Zabra’jin and Swamprat Post for the Horde, Orebor Harborage and Telrador for the Alliance, and Sporeggar and Cenarion Refuge for both factions.

While questing, or doing the three dungeons that are hidden deep within the Coilfang Reservoir, players will earn reputation with the Cenarion Expedition, a faction of druids that came through from Azeroth to explore the strange fauna and flora of Outland; and Sporeggar, a race of fungus-based people who are preyed upon by the large bog beasts. Helping the Sporeggar will allow access to a number of items from their quartermaster, including the Tiny Sporebat battle pet. Helping the Cenarion druids, on the other hand, will eventually grant access to the Cenarion War Hippogryph mount. Note that many of the quests will send the player back and forth across the zone repeatedly.

There are three rare mobs of note, required for the achievement Bloody RareBog LurkerMarticar and the Coilfang Emissary.

[Editor’s Note: For more information on the Sporeggar Reputation grind, visit our Repping with Leashes post here.]


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