Repping with Leashes – Dreamweavers


Working the Legion map from left to right, it’s time to pay our respects to the Dreamweavers of Val’sharah.

Sylvia Hartshorn Sylvia Hartshorn is the emissary keeper to whom you’ll be paying a visit when you finish your emissaries. Just like the Court of Farondis, finishing all the quests in the zone and getting That’s Val’sharah Folks! gets you nicely around Honored.

From there, like Azshara, attacking any world quest in the zone with the proper faction label will get you a bit of rep while completing the emissary (or the Kirin Tor emissary) will be your main focus until you reach Exalted.

As you venture forth, be sure to watch for the dog Grumpy in the top of one of the houses in Bradensbrook. He’s not directly related to the Dreamweaver faction, but he is a pet you can discover on your adventures through the zone.

Since we’re on the topic of event-related pets, be sure you also venture south to an Ashmaw Bear cave in south-central Val’sharah. The coordinates are 53,87.

Once you walk in and talk to the Shivering Ashmaw Cub there, you start an event which causes Jinikki the Puncturer to show up and fight you.

Beat him (it’s a fairly easy fight) and you’re rewarded with the Ashmaw Cub.

Fortunately for you, fellow pet hunter, if all you’re here for are the pets the Dreamweavers have to offer, you need only reach Revered. After that, Ash’ana will be yours and we can venture forth toward Highmountain.

Happy pet hunting!

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