Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Black-Footed Fox Kit

Black-Footed Fox Kit

Often it is red-footed after it catches its prey.


Does 25% extra damage when their health is below 50%. Beast pets have a +50% bonus strike versus Critter pets, +33% bonus defense versus Elemental abilities, a -33% weak strike versus Flying pets and a -33% weak defense versus Mechanical abilities.

Black-Footed Fox Kit
Available Breeds: S/B, B/B
Slot 1: Bite Flurry
Slot 2: Crouch Howl
Slot 3: Leap Dazzling Dance

Colors / Sizes
The Black-Footed Fox Kit comes in only one color and one size.

Special Interactions / Animations

Highmountain and Stormheim (Broken Isles); These pets spawn from Central to Southern and in North-Western Highmountain and central Stormheim.

The Black-Footed Fox Kits are found as primary and secondary spawns. They are level 25. They can be found in Poor, Common, Uncommon and Rare quality.

If you are hunting for a specific breed or quality, be sure to eliminate the previous pet spawns that don’t match your goal. This will allow additional Black-Footed Fox Kit a chance to spawn.

Don’t forget to use a pet with Weakening Blow or Superbark when capturing your pet so that you don’t accidentally kill it. You can find more information on pets with these abilities here.


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