Fantastic Pets and Where to Find Them – Stowaway Rat

Stowaway Rat

In the lean times when adrift at sea, the sight of a rat was a welcome one.


Cannot be stunned and breaks crowd control more quickly. Critter pets have a +50% bonus strike versus Undead pets, +33% bonus defense versus Elemental abilities, a -33% weak strike versus Humanoid pets and a -33% weak defense versus Beast abilities.

Stowaway Rat
Available Breeds: S/S, H/B, P/B, S/B, B/B
Slot 1: Scratch Comeback
Slot 2: Flurry Poison Fang
Slot 3: Stampede Survival

Colors / Sizes
The Stowaway Rat comes in two colors (black and brown) and one size.

Special Interactions / Animations

Deepholm (Cataclysm); These pets spawn all around Deepholm.

The Stowaway Rats are found as primary and secondary spawns. They range in levels from 22 to 23. They can be found in Poor, Common, Uncommon and Rare quality. Primary spawns are found only at the Storm’s Fury wreckage and secondary spawns can be found with other pets zone-wide.

If you are hunting for a specific breed or quality, be sure to eliminate the previous pet spawns that don’t match your goal. This will allow additional Stowaway Rats a chance to spawn.

Don’t forget to use a pet with Weakening Blow or Superbark when capturing your pet so that you don’t accidentally kill it. You can find more information on pets with these abilities here.


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