Strategy Spotlight – Beasts of Fable: No-No

Beasts of Fable

Welcome to a new series that will highlight some helpful strategies in the form of video walkthroughs. If you’re more of a visual person, these guides are just for you! For these videos, I’ll be trying to pick the strategies that use the more common easy-to-get pets when available.

The first strategy is for the Beast of Fable No-No, found in Pandaria, in the southwestern corner of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The Beasts of Fable were the first major pet battle ‘bosses’ that had the Elite buff, which was a new tactic for pet battlers to work around.

After completing the initial quest, which requires you to beat ALL of the Beasts of Fable, and is not repeatable, the Beasts of Fable are broken down into three dailies. Beasts of Fable Book IBeasts of Fable Book II and Beasts of Fable Book III. No-No is part of the requirements for Book III. I decided to start with him, though, because this battle isn’t a normal follow the steps to win strategy. But more on that below.

No-No’s Abilities
Slot 1: Tail Slap
Slot 2: Dive
Slot 3: Beaver Dam
Pets used in this fight:
Three moths, preferably with the P/S breed. Having one of the stats as Speed is very important so that you’re able to go first most rounds. That way you can either get your hits in first or get your defenses up before you get hit. Flying pets also have the passive of extra speed while above 50% health.

Each moth needs the following abilities: Alpha StrikeCocoon Strike, and Moth Dust.

Please note that not all moths share the same move set, so be sure to choose wisely.

Addons used in the video:
RematchBattle Pet BreedIDPetTracker, and PetBattleLogKeeper

I highly suggest getting all of the above addons. Rematch is incredibly useful for organizing and saving your teams. Battle Pet BreedID is absolutely necessary as it shows the breeds for the pets. Pet Tracker is helpful for not only finding pets’ locations on the map but also for helping you keep track of the enemy pet’s ability cooldowns. Pet Battle Log Keeper isn’t really needed, but I like having it because it saves the log of the battle so if something goes wrong you can review what you or the enemy did and try to fix it, or if you have an awesome battle and want to remember how to beat that opponent in the future.

Even though No-No is napping when you find him, this fight is not one to just zone out on while battling. You need to pay attention to what No-No has done, and what abilities he might be getting ready to use. He uses his abilities at random, so each battle is a little different. I fought him multiple times, and some fights I only needed my first pet, and others I got unlucky and ended up using all three. In the video, I was super lucky and my pet didn’t take any damage at all. If you pay attention to his and your cooldowns, you should have no problem beating him. One of the most important things to be aware of is that you DO NOT hit the Beaver Dam when it is up. Let No-No bring it down on his own, that will prevent him from damaging you for two rounds. If the dam is not up and No-No Dives, then you need to use Cocoon Strike to block the damage he does to you when he surfaces.

(click to view pet battle log)

The full strategy can be found on Xu-Fu’s Pet Battle Strategies website. There are also other alternative strategies for beating No-No found there. If the following strategy doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t have any moths ready to fight, be sure to check out the other strategies to find one that works for you!

If you have a strategy you’d like to see a video walkthrough for, or a tamer that you need help beating, be sure to let us know on the forums! Did the video help you beat No-No? Be sure to give it a Thumbs Up on YouTube! Also, be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see when we’ve posted new videos!

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