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jedikitten_blogJedikitten is the blog’s Chief Editor. She is in charge of approving, formatting, and scheduling all articles.

She also writes for the following categories:

Recent Articles by Jedikitten:

200th Post & Summer Giveaway!

Hi all, Jedikitten here! In honor of our 200th blog post, I wanted to take the time to thank everyone involved with the blog for all their hard work and dedication, especially Flameflash, Sandwalker and Wakamaru, without whom none of this would be possible. I am also eternally grateful to our past authors Piwakawaka, Astrae, Lunadaat and Smadronia, who helped […]


New 7.3 pets: Raiding with Leashes V achievement!

Hey A3ers! Check it out! There’s a new Raiding with Leashes achievement coming in Patch 7.3! The pets for this achievement (Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm) will come from the following raids: Bastion of Twilight (3 pets) Blackwing Descent (3 pets) Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets) Firelands (4 pets) Dragon Soul (3 pets) Once you’ve collected all of […]


Blizzcon 2016 Opening Ceremonies Recap

This year’s Blizzcon was full of huge milestones for the company and its games. The weekend opened up with a video montage showing the history of the company and the people involved for the past 25 years, ending with a hopeful “looking forward to the next 25 years with you”. Mike Morheim, President & CEO of Blizzard, gave the opening […]


Obalis – Grand Master Tamer

Obalis Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Legion so far. This month we’re taking a look at Obalis, the Grand Master Tamer out in Uldum. I think the hardest things about his team are Pyth’s Vicious Fang and Spring’s Moth Dust, which is annoying from any enemy pet. Clatter doesn’t really have anything super difficult to counter. The most important thing I would […]


Caturday for Sept 24, 2016

It’s Caturday! Fall is here! Time for pumpkin everything, falling leaves, and cooler weather. To help you get in the mood here are some kitties who are totally prepared for Fall! Also, be sure to check out Brewfest in World of Warcraft. The event will be going on until October 6th. The Ram Racing is my favorite part of Brewfest… […]


Sandwalker is our Copy Editor, this means he is our grammar guru, making sure that our articles are spick-and-span and ready for Jedikitten to format and publish.

He also writes for the following categories:

Recent Articles by Sandwalker:

Repping with Leashes – The Shado-Pan

The Shado-Pan The Shado-Pan are a small faction of pandaren warriors who dedicate their lives to the protection of Pandaria from the influence of the physical embodiments of negative emotions, the Sha. Since the mists shrouding the continent dissipated their job has become much harder due to the unleashing of the Sha upon Pandaria in nearly every area, promulgated in […]


Throwback Thursday – Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story

Pepitoz: The World of Warcraft Story World of Warcraft has a long history, and many things have been added or removed, keeping the game ‘fresh’. Also keeping the game fresh (and the developers busy) is the WoW community. Some of the more talented people of the community have, over the years, created works of art based on our favourite Azerothian game, […]


Postcards from Outland – Toshley’s Station

Toshley’s Station Did you notice the title graphic? That’s right, for the next few months, we’ll be featuring bucolic locations throughout Outland, from the sweeping plains of Nagrand, to the fel-infused barrens of Shadowmoon Valley, to the intensely purple remnants of Netherstorm. Our first foray into Outland visits the small Alliance settlement of Toshley’s Station, inhabited entirely by gnomes (which […]


Throwback Thursday – Azshara

Azshara Azshara, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of scaly, serpentine naga: the Naga of Azshara. Legend has it that these former high elves can be destroyed by a sword through the heart, or exposure to Moonfire. This does not suffice, however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can […]


Caturday: Picnic Day

August 7 is Picnic Day in the Australian territory* of the Northern Territory. As such, it’s actually a Monday, but any day’s a good day for a picnic! Here are some lovely pics of our feline friends having picnic shenanigans. * Mainland Australia has six federated states, plus two territories: Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory (which also manages […]


wakamaru_blogWakamaru is our web admin, in charge of keeping the behind-the-scenes stuff (plugins, themes, etc.) of the blog up-to-date.

She also writes for the following category:

Recent Articles by Wakamaru:

Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Water Waveling

Water Waveling The trolls of Zul’Drak inadvertently created these little beings while summoning water elementals to fight the Scourge. Family Water Waveling Available Breeds: , B/B Abilities Slot 1: Water Jet Ice Lance Slot 2: Frost Nova Frost Shock Slot 3: Geyser Tidal Wave Colors / Sizes The Water Waveling comes in only one color and one size. Special Interactions / Animations […]


Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Cogblade Raptor

Cogblade Raptor This model of raptor is produced in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Their robotic roars are a common sound near Toshley’s Station. Family Cogblade Raptor Available Breeds: , S/B, B/B Abilities Slot 1: Bite Batter Slot 2: Overtune Screech Slot 3: Exposed Wounds Repair Colors / Sizes The Cogblade Raptor only comes in one color and one size. Special Interactions / Animations None […]


Fashion Friday #30 – Plate

Fashion Friday This week’s Fashion Friday transmog is a bronze, brown, grey, and white plate set for Retribution Paladins and Arms Warriors of both factions. Tanking specs can use this set as well if they swap out the weapon. If you have a piece of armor you would like to see turned into a functional transmog you can tweet it […]


New 7.3 Pet Stuff!

Hey, A3’ers! Here’s a quick run down of all the new Pet Battle stuff coming in Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus! New areas to explore, new pets to catch, and new achievements to chase. Remember! The patch goes live Tuesday, August 29, 2107. Are you prepared?


Fashion Friday #29 – Safari Sets (All Armor Types)

Fashion Friday We know that many of you are pet collectors, so your Safari Hat gets a lot of use, so we are bringing you a special Safari Hat-themed Fashion Friday! This Fashion Friday features four class- and faction-neutral armor sets, one for each armor type, that go well with the Safari Hat! Weapons have not been included in this edition. If […]


Piwakawaka writes for the following categories:

Recent Articles by Piwakawaka:

Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket

The Blizzcon Virtual Ticket is now available! And this year it has been revamped and upgraded. If you go to the Blizzcon website the first thing you will notice is it now has a completely new look. It has been upgraded and reworked for ease of viewing. You can even favourite streams you want to watch, so as they become available to […]


Undocumented Changes to Prestige Pets

After the release of Patch 7.3, a change to Prestige Pets has come to light. Thanks to Eggs (EU) and Gráinne of Warcraft Pets, word has started getting out about the ability to purchase the prestige pets on your opposite faction. The pets cost 500 gold each and require only that you have unlocked the pet on one character, and […]


Creature Feature: Snowy Owl

Creature Feature – Snowy Owl Snowy Owl Possible Breeds: P/B, S/B, B/B Lvl 25 S/B Stats: Health: 1384 Power: 257 Speed: 322 Abilities Slot 1: Peck Quills Slot 2: Shriek Cyclone Slot 3: Nocturnal Strike Predatory Strike With winter and Christmas we, of course, end up with the appearance of the Snowy Owl. One of the wild pets required for […]


Creature Feature: Lumpy

Creature Feature – Lumpy Lumpy Possible Breed: H/B Stats: Health: 1546 Power: 273 Speed: 273 Abilities Slot 1: Stone shot Stone rush Slot 2: Sandstorm Rupture Slot 3: Rock Barrage Quake Lumpy has the same moveset as the ever elusive Pebble. The main difference between the two is Lumpy has higher power and speed but less health. Personally, I find […]


Legion: What’s Next?

With 7.1 fresh off the shelf, it’s been hard to think what news Blizzard could possibly give us about the Legion expansion, and yet they keep on giving. The panel was opened with an announcement on a new design philosophy regarding patches. Rather than breaking up an expansion into separate stand-alone patches as has happened with previous expansions, they will […]


flameflash_blogFlameflash writes for the following category:

Recent Articles by Flameflash:

Repping with Leashes – Hand of the Prophet & Vol’jin’s Headhunters

Hand of the Prophet & Vol’jin’s Headhunters Welcome to Tanaan Jungle, or World Quests 1.0. After the introduction quests here, it’s time to start repping up so you can fly. Sadly, neither of these faction-related factions actually offer pets, but they do offer transmog, toys and a mount. The quest to fly will help you get around Warlords content though, […]


Repping with Leashes – The Saberstalkers

The Saberstalkers If you want to fly in Draenor, these are one of three factions you’re going to need to get to Revered. Of the three, in my opinion, they’re one of the most straightforward, just because it involves just ‘killing all the things,’ similar to the Sha’tari Defense and Laughing Skull. If you want to go slower, but still […]

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Repping with Leashes – Sha’tari Defense / Laughing Skull

Sha’tari Defense/Laughing Skull It’s two for one time at Repping with Leashes! Well, actually it’s Horde v Alliance again for Warlords content. Like I’ve mentioned before, Warlords loves the rep grind aspect and these two garrison Trading Post related reputations are no different. Now that we’re in Legion, not having a trading post, in my opinion, would be folly so if you […]

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Repping with Leashes – Council of Exarchs

Council of Exarchs After reviewing the starting faction Horde-side with the Frostwolf Orcs it’s only reasonable to now hop over the faction divide and take a look at the Council of Exarchs. Welcome, then, to the pristine version of Shadowmoon Valley! Unlike Horde-side, I was able to hop onto an alt who completed only Shadowmoon Valley, so this gives Horde players […]

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Repping with Leashes – Frostwolf Orcs

Frostwolf Orcs My opinion of most of the Warlords factions is ‘welcome to the grind party.’ What’s fortunate about the Frostwolf Orcs is that they’re the Horde-side starter faction. You basically start questing for them the moment you step into Frostfire Ridge. Don’t worry, my Alliance friends, you have a mirror version of this faction with the Council of Exarchs, […]

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