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Repping with Leashes – Sha’tari Defense / Laughing Skull

Sha’tari Defense/Laughing Skull It’s two for one time at Repping with Leashes! Well, actually it’s Horde v Alliance again for Warlords content. Like I’ve mentioned before, Warlords loves the rep grind aspect and these two garrison Trading Post related reputations are no different. Now that we’re in Legion, not having a trading post, in my opinion, would be folly so if you […]

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Repping with Leashes – Council of Exarchs

Council of Exarchs After reviewing the starting faction Horde-side with the Frostwolf Orcs it’s only reasonable to now hop over the faction divide and take a look at the Council of Exarchs. Welcome, then, to the pristine version of Shadowmoon Valley! Unlike Horde-side, I was able to hop onto an alt who completed only Shadowmoon Valley, so this gives Horde players […]

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Repping with Leashes – Frostwolf Orcs

Frostwolf Orcs My opinion of most of the Warlords factions is ‘welcome to the grind party.’ What’s fortunate about the Frostwolf Orcs is that they’re the Horde-side starter faction. You basically start questing for them the moment you step into Frostfire Ridge. Don’t worry, my Alliance friends, you have a mirror version of this faction with the Council of Exarchs, […]

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Repping with Leashes – Steamwheedle Preservation Society

Steamwheedle Preservation Society This is probably one of my favorite factions of Warlords. One reason for that is that as a player you can pursue it with any character. ‘How?’ you may ask. Well, let’s cover the basics first. The first thing you want to do when pursuing this faction is simply quest in Nagrand (Draenor). Be sure you get […]

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Repping with Leashes – Arakkoa Outcasts

Arakkoa Outcasts The next Warlords faction I’m going to hit is the Arakkoa Outcast because, like the Cartel, they have a garrison Bind-on-Account reputation item: Relic of Rukhmar. Therefore, the most effective way to get them to Revered (that’s all you need for the pet) is to ensure you’ve received the Spires questing achievement Between Arak and a Hard Place and […]

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Repping with Leashes – Falcosaur Adventures (Snowfeather)

Falcosaur Adventures (Snowfeather) How is everyone progressing with their falcosaurs? Personally, I’ve nearly completed one and have just started on my Snowfeather, so I thought now would be a good time to work on talking about unlocking a reputation: Talon’s Vengeance. So how do you unlock them? Well, you need to get at least one falcosaur finished off in a […]

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