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Repping with Leashes – Burning through Hyjal

Burning through Hyjal Well, first of all, I wish you a heavy amount of good luck. For pet hunting purposes, aside from the wild friends you might find, the Scorched Stone is heavily luck-based while Hyjal Bear Cub and Crimson Lasher are sold for gold. The low-drop companion joins the fight as a drop from Zen’Vorka’s Cache. Naturally, this is sold by Zen’Vorka […]

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Repping with Leashes – Therazane: A Rocky Start

Therazane Now I know what you’re thinking. That darn D’lom the Collector doesn’t really have anything useful at this point in the game’s life, except maybe the Tabard of Therazane for your tabard collection. There’s an achievement though, hiding among all the rocks, that will get you a new pet: Pebble! To get Pebble, you’ll need the achievement: Rock Lover. If you […]

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Creature Feature: Mr. Bigglesworth

Creature Feature – Mr. Bigglesworth Mr. Bigglesworth Possible Breed: S/S Stats: Health: 1400 Power: 260 Speed: 325 Abilities Slot 1: Claw Pounce Slot 2: Ice Barrier Frost Nova Slot 3: Ice Tomb Howling Blast Mr. Bigglesworth is one of the most unique cats in the game. He comes into your care by obtaining the Raiding with Leashes achievement. A fitting thing given […]

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Creature Feature: Feline Familiar

Creature Feature – Feline Familiar Feline Familiar Possible Breed: P/B Stats: Health: 1221 Power: 322 Speed: 289 Abilities Slot 1: Onyx Bite Pounce Slot 2: Stoneskin Call Darkness Slot 3: Devour Prowl With Halloween just around the corner, we take the time to look at one of the most awesome and unique cats in the game. Feline Familiar has multiple unique abilities not shared […]

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Obalis – Grand Master Tamer

Obalis Hello everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Legion so far. This month we’re taking a look at Obalis, the Grand Master Tamer out in Uldum. I think the hardest things about his team are Pyth’s Vicious Fang and Spring’s Moth Dust, which is annoying from any enemy pet. Clatter doesn’t really have anything super difficult to counter. The most important thing I would […]

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Tips for New Tamers: Sternfathom’s Pet Journal

Sternfathom’s Pet Journal With Legion launched and all the excitement of a new expansion, this month we shine the spotlight on a rather interesting toy. Sternfathom’s Pet Journal is a toy with the ability to summon a grand master pet tamer. This pet tamer has a weekly, account-wide quest. The quest, Shipwrecked Captive, awards 4 Pet Charms. While the reward is […]

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