Creature Feature, Tamer Tuesday, Tips for New Tamers, Repping with Leashes

Creature Feature: Nightshade Sproutling (aka Wakaling)

There is a remarkably large variety amidst the three Warlords sproutling pets. While they are all much the same in appearance, their movesets have enough differences to make each one unique to use. Unlike a rabbit, where they’re the same across the board, these differences make for a rather more flavorful dynamic amidst similarly skinned pets. The largest difference comes […]

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Burning Pandaren Spirit – Master Tamer

My Team Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Anubisath Idol H/H Crush Stoneskin Deflection Silkbead Snail H/S Ooze Touch Shell Shield Dive Nether Faerie Dragon S/B Arcane Blast Life Exchange Moonfire Burning Pandaren Spirit’s Team Pet Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Crimson P/S Breath Cyclone  Lift-Off Pandaren Fire Spirit P/S  Conflagrate  Immolate Cauterize Glowy S/B Swarm Confusing Sting […]

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Creature Feature: Flayer Youngling

Creature Feature – Flayer Youngling The Flayer Youngling is a versatile and easy-to-obtain wild pet capable of taking the place of several of the harder-to-get humanoids typically recommended in various strategies. I have even seen the S/S breed recommended in a strategy for dealing with one of the Celestial Tournament Tamers as part of a strategy for obtaining An Awfully […]

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